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Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers

The holidays are upon us, and if you aren’t the travel bug in your friend group, you definitely know who it is, and chances are they also always give the best gifts. There can be a lot of pressure around gift giving during the holidays, but some of the best gifts are the unique concoctions from inside jokes that no one else but you and your friend or loved one understand. That being said, sometimes going a little more practical is necessary when you have a long list of holiday to-dos. 

 The well-versed traveler is by far the hardest to shop for because chances are they are the ones that have shown you all the latest gadgets and gizmos, but all hope is not lost! Here are some of the trendiest, travel-hackiest, and mostly budget conscious gifts you can get your travel bug this season:

  1. Dot&Dot Packing Folder 

Travel cubes are the “it” item for pint-sized packing experiences right now. However, they leave one thing to be desired -- a wrinkle free experience. Dot&Dot guarantees a wrinkle-free experience for 8-12 garments per packing folder. It comes with a folding board to make sure your clothing is properly folded for maximum efficiency and wrinkle reduction. Pro-Tip: This also is an amazing gift for those early morning gym-goers in your life that bring their work clothes to change into.

2. Downy Wrinkle Releaser

In the event that your travelguru friend is always over-prepared, Downy Wrinkle Releaser actually takes the heavy lifting out of more than just wrinkles. It’s an odor and static cling eliminator as well. Get this gift for your budget conscious travel friend who also likes the be ‘gram ready at a moment’s notice.

3. Sustainable Clothing

Bamboo is a seriously underrated fabric on the travel textiles list. It acts like wool with its absorbency and silk with its ability to keep you warm. It also doesn’t hold odors either and can be dressed up or down. Thoughtspecializes in bamboo, hemp and organic clothing. They describe their collections as contemporary, sustainable style, and for globetrotters, doing a little less damage to the environment is on the top of many lists. We’re in love with the Pavanne Waterproof Organic Cotton Coat

4. Weighted Sleep Mask by Gravity

Every traveler worth their salt has their neck roll of choice at the ready for long flights, but what often escapes even the most professional of travelers is that deep REM sleep. Gravity promises light-blocking totality and evenly distributed gentle touch across pressure points that help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply that will have you saying “What ten-hour flight?”


5. Apple Airpods

Less bulky than Beats and a battery life that won’t quit. These elegant little pods are subtle and produce a great quality sound without leaving you tethered. They also make it easy to get quick guided directions if your lost, just double tap for Siri. Pro-Tip: Use one pod at a time for even longer use. 

6. Acanela Trip

For the best of friends, the truest of loves, or the coolest of family members. Book you and your plus one on one of twenty-five Bring A Friend Free Trips to make memories that will last a lifetime. The world awaits! We’ll see you soon.

Article by Gilian Salerno-Rebic