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We receive many requests from people excited to share their written stories and photos with Acanela. We love hearing from so many incredible writers,  photographers, and videographers, and try to bring as many of them into our travel community as we can. If you would like to your content to be considered for publication with Acanela, keep reading!

We always love to share new stories with our travel community.  To create this content, we rely on talented writers, photojournalists, and videographers who are willing to share stories with Acanela. Our stories are around 500-1000 words in length and writers are asked to source or supply images and quotes when possible. Our videos are between 3-5 minutes in length and creators are asked to include a short intro or summary with the submission.  Our favorite content creators turn stories around within 1 to 2 weeks of an assignment and contribute at least one article (or story) per month. 

We’re always happy to hear from talented and passionate content creators, so if you want to submit a resume, please send it to creators@acanela.com.  If you have an exciting story you think we would be a good fit for Acanela, please submit your draft via our Content Creator's Submission Form or by email to creators@acanela.com. We’re contacted by so hundreds (often thousands) of content creators each each year, and we are amazed at the beautiful stories you always share with us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Writers Our website www.acanela.com is packed with information and inspiration, covering everything from our top travel destinations to culinary experiences and interactions with people and wildlife across the globe. We strive to publish with fresh, original content on our daily blog – and always welcome new writers.  Please email creators@acanela.com for opportunities to write for Acanela.

Photographers Acanela places an emphasis on great photography -  inspiring our travelers to explore the incredible places in this world. We work with our own stock of photos from our travel team, and occasionally feature the work of freelance photographers who have beautifully captured a travel experience. Please email creators@acanela.com for opportunities to have your photos featured by Acanela.

Videographers We understand the immersive power of video, and are always eager for quality content for our YouTube channel and other online spaces. Please email creators@acanela.com for opportunities to have your videos featured by Acanela.

Social Media  If you have a travel-centric social media account, we may need you to showcase your snaps and work with Acanela on exclusive assignments. If you are a social media enthusiast and you want to work with us – maybe host a takeover on our Instastory, or get your photos featured on our Instagram feed, please email creators@acanela.com for opportunities.  

Bloggers If you have a blogger or have travel blog, we would love to hear from you – please email creators@acanela.com for opportunities.  to work with Acanela and have your writing featured on acanela.com.  Every day Acanela publishes new travel stories, and we love to feature new authors.

Vloggers If you are a regular producer of travel vlogs on YouTube, or a consistent creator of travel-related videos on Vimeo, please email creators@acanela.com for opportunities to work with Acanela and have your videos featured across our social channels.