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Note: Allianz is one of the country's leading insurance providers and offers an extensive array of products designed to protect travelers against any risks. Acanela Expeditions is not an insurance provider and as such cannot assist with any insurance claims or concerns that arise. Acanela Expeditions always recommends that travelers purchase travel insurance, but ultimately is not liable for any issues that arise from a traveler failing to purchase travel insurance or from travelers purchasing the incorrect travel insurance policy. It is ultimately the responsibility of the traveler to confirm the policy that they purchase covers the use cases of interest.

What is travel insurance? 

Travel insurance is meant to protect you against unforeseen travel events. Things like your flight getting cancelled due to severe weather, your baggage getting lost or stolen or you having to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen emergency. While coverage varies by provider, there are three primary types of coverage that all are classified as travel insurance:

Trip cancellation / trip interruption insurance: 

This insurance reimburses you for any non-refundable travel costs if your trip is cancelled or seriously delayed due to a natural disaster, or illness. The actual amount that is covered will vary by specific policy, but many policies can provide protection up to the amount you paid for the trip (since this is the main reason people purchase travel insurance). 

Baggage and personal items coverage: 

If an airline loses your luggage, if someone steals your belongings, or if your luggage is lost or delayed, travel insurance will pay you for the inconvenience (usually up to about $500 per lost bag) and $100-$200 per bag delay.

Medical Emergency Insurance

In addition to travel insurance, it is recommended that travelers get their own medical insurance to cover any medical emergencies that arise in country. Travelers are ultimately responsible for purchasing their own insurance (travel, medical, etc.).