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Acanela specializes in multi-locational University Athletic trips and can customize your trip to ensure the best experience. We have connections with over 1000 teams in 50+ countries worldwide, and can arrange top competition in basketball, volleyball, basketball, and other sports. Acanela allows you to see and experience more at an affordable price, all while offering superb boutique hotels, rich culinary experiences, cultural sight-seeing activities, and competitive games. Travel with your team on an adventure of a lifetime!

From Rome to Rio

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Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, Japan, Costa Rica, Brazil, and more.


The Most Beautiful Place in the World...

Taste Gelato and sample delicious Italian food prepared by some of the best chefs in Italy. Explore the fairytale villages of Slovenia, attend an outdoor concert in Vienna, visit the medieval castles of Prague – and watch your Basketball Team compete against some of the best basketball teams in Europe.  Your experience in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, and Czech Republic complete with cultural interactions, athletic adventures, and delicious food.


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