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Study Abroad:

We assist faculty members & professors in creating quality international academic study abroad programs.  Let us take care of the logistics from pre-trip planning to trip execution, allowing your facility to invest their time teaching students and conducting research. We understand how to implement innovative, academic-based programs that meet the needs of today's university students. Universities are discovering the importance of adding multi-locational programs in their study abroad portfolio.  Programs in more than one location allow students to combine experiences, culture, and learning inside and outside the classroom and across borders. Multi-locational study abroad programs are a wonderful way to prepare students for a global career.


Alumni Trips:

With collaboration from current students and alumni, we build unique alumni retreats ranging from 1-2 weeks in length, to over 75 countries on all seven continents.  We provide a variety of customized itineraries to suit your university needs, meeting your overall objectives and group budget.  From air travel, hotel check-in, activity bookings, and ground transportation, we offer a complete assistance from pre-trip planning, trip booking, and post-trip reviews. We are dedicated to providing universities with enriching cultural experiences that enhance lifelong education while strengthening connections with their colleagues. Bring students, alumni, family members of graduates, and friends of the university, together to take part in educational travel opportunities.


Athletic Teams:

Acanela offers unique athletic tours to 80+ countries.  Our trips encompass cultural experiences, hands-on adventure, and excellent food; three necessary pieces of a great experience abroad for athletic teams. Our trips range between 1-2 weeks and offer a unique opportunity to travel through multiple cities or countries.  We have experience working in over 120 countries, and we pride ourselves in our ability to customize our tours to the needs of our clients. We set up matches against foreign teams, schedule gym time for necessary practices, arrange cultural and adventure activities, organize team transportation, provide great accommodation, and offer an incredible culinary experience.


University Sample Programs


University Culinary Arts Trip to Thailand, Cambodia, & Vietnam:

"Our trip with Acanela to Southeast Asia was an incredible experience! It was the perfect blend of amazing cultural adventures coupled with excellent culinary experiences and training. I would definitely travel with Acanela again and can't wait for the next adventure. They were organized and everything was taken care of. It was so nice to not have to worry about a single detail.  Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!"  

international Business Study Abroad to South Africa & Malawi:

"Thank you for the incredible travel arrangements you made for our Africa study abroad! Our hotels were excellent, our drivers were very helpful, and it was overall just a really great experience. Coordinating travel arrangements for 16 people is a lot of work and I really appreciate everything you did to make our travel as comfortable as possible."  

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