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Experience, A Wise Teacher

Are you are a mature traveler free to experience life on your own terms and time? If so, then continue reading about the new community we are developing at Acanela Expeditions!

I don’t know about you, but my life has always been one of commitments. The dream has always been to set foot on every continent and experience the diversity of cultures and eco-systems around the world. That dream, however, was put on hold and most of my traveling has revolved around work and children. Now that I am free and ready to travel where and when I want; I’ve found it a bit daunting trying to figure out the logistics of it all.

Now approaching retirement, my life has become routine. As a young adult, I loved to travel and I must admit it was easy. Somehow, as we age spontaneity becomes more complicated and everything requires more thought. Spontaneity, let’s face it, can be terrifying. Maturity brings awareness of how many things can go wrong.

At Acanela we are creating a place for mature travelers to discuss traveling and we want to help you create a journey that allows you to experience everything this world has to offer. Each month we will be discussing tips, concerns, and feature interesting stories focusing on the mature traveler.

We would love for you to share with us your travel moments of joy, successes, failures! As Dr. Seuss once wrote, “From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere,” and we want to hear about yours!

Here are some topics to get us started: What in life is holding you back from traveling? Where you would like to go, but are hesitant to make the arrangements?

Our goal at Acanela is to learn together. Take a moment to review our featured destinations this month, comment on one of the topics above, or create one of your own. We are excited to engage in a dialogue of learning to travel together. If you have traveled with us or are a new Acanela Expeditioner, please share your pictures, stories, or comments with us!

Join our Facebook community and be on the lookout for videos of our mature adventurers traveling with Acanela Expeditions. I promise...you will not want to miss them!

“Our primary focus at Acanela is to learn how we can assist in making your trip an experience of a lifetime.”