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Packing Hack: 15 items, 50 outfits

When you are traveling you don't want to have to worry about carrying a lot of luggage with you.  This is why I recommend just packing in a single carry-on.  So how do you look cute with items that can only fit into a single carry-on?  The answer is simple - by choosing the right 15 pieces to pack!  With just 15 items (shoes included) you can create a wardrobe of over 50 outfits!  That is enough outfits to last you 1 week, all the way to 2 months of traveling.  I have listed all the items that I pack in my carry-on suitcase below:

Packing List:

3 (or 4) pairs of pants - 1 pair of leggings or shorts, 2 pair of jeans, and a skirt or dress

3 long sleeve shirts (all different colors)

3 short sleeve shirts (all different colors)

3 light jackets - oversized sweater, a long cardigan, and a waterproof jacket

3 pairs of shoes shoes - one pair of Sandals, one pair of walking shoes, and one pair of flats!

Remember to choose items that compliment each other well (I usually like to go with a specific color scheme).  If you bring items that you love and wear everyday, than you will love and wear them even more on your trip! If you want to get a sample for what my outfits are like, please watch the video below!  All the items in the video we purchased from Cents of Style, one of my go-to brands!

- Kylie