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What to Pack for Tanzania

Considering visiting Tanzania? You are in for a real treat! Filled with stunning beaches, high mountains, friendly people, and thrilling activities, you will not be disappointed in choosing this country as your next adventure. With so much excitement for the explorations to come, many travelers experience stress when figuring out what to pack for Tanzania. Luckily for you, we have broken it down and provided all of the Tanzania packing essentials — covering everything from clothing to electronics, as well as what to leave at home.


  • Rain jacket: When the forecast predicts rain in Tanzania, that often means that it's going to pour. A good lightweight and breathable rain jacket will help you keep dry. Try and pack one that allows stream from inside the jacket to escape as Tanzania can get extremely hot, even in the rain. Plan accordingly based on your time of visit, as November and December often bring afternoon rainstorms. If you’re visiting in April or May, you may want to add an umbrella as well, as this is the guaranteed rainy season. 

  • Fleece vest: While we did mention that it can get really hot in Tanzania, temperatures can greatly fluctuate, leading to some very chilly mornings. Regulate this by relying on the use of layers. A vest is an ideal layer in this situation. This option will keep your core warm with airflow and free movement for your arms.

  • Hat: Depending on what activities you will be partaking in, you’ll need to choose a hat that will provide adequate protection. For nighttime and early-morning safari drives, it may get pretty chilly, so it’s a good idea to wear a warm beanie. For safaris during the day, a hat with a large brim will keep your face shielded from the strong Tanzanian sun. You may want to get one with a chin strap to help withstand any unexpected wind.

  • Beachwear: You definitely won’t want to miss out on the gorgeous coastal beaches and islands that Tanzania has to offer. Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit so you can jump into the clear blue water. Modesty is an important value in Tanzania, making a swimsuit coverup a beach essential. Not only is it respectful, but it is also so much easier to throw on and off if you need a mid-beach break and need to go grab lunch somewhere. Avoid going barefoot on the beaches as some have fleas that can dig into your feet and cause unwanted sores.


  • Tanzania power adapter: If you are coming from the U.S., you will want an electrical adapter to keep all of your devices charged. Electricity in Tanzania is 220 to 240 volts. Most plugs in Tanzania are the same as the ones that are commonly used in the U.K. and have 3 rectangular blade pins. However, it’s a good idea to bring a universal adapter in case you come across a random plug. (Bonus: you can continue to use your universal adapter on your future adventures around the world as well!)

  • Portable charger: You would never want your camera or phone battery to run out in the middle of your safari or if you were lost on the roads in Tanzania. This stuff happens more often than you might think while traveling. A small portable charger can be a game-changer in these tricky situations.

  • Binoculars: While you might think of this as an unnecessary addition to your packing list, once you are in Tanzania with your pair of binoculars, you will be glad you bought them. They’ll come in handy for all of your adventures from nature hikes to safaris. No need to buy a fancy pair, a travel edition will do the trick and won’t break the budget.

  • Weather+ app: With varying daily temperatures and precipitation, the weather in Tanzania is commonly unpredictable. Download the Weather+ app for your Android or iPhone for an accurate six-day forecast that will keep you prepared with what to wear and what activities to participate in on your adventure.


  • Expensive jewelry: Trust us, you won’t need it! It’s better to leave your valuables (and sentimental jewelry) at home since there’s always a greater risk of getting pickpocketed or losing things while traveling. It will prevent a great amount of upset on your adventure if this were to happen.

  • Tons of cash: Unless you are in super rural areas, you shouldn’t have a problem finding ATMs throughout Tanzania. This means you should have no issues accessing cash once you are in the country. Just remember to call your bank ahead of time and let them know you will be traveling. (Oh, and on that note: don’t forget your credit card!) Once you do have cash, distribute it in multiple places just in case something were to get lost or stolen.

  • Heavy books: Odds are that you will have a long flight to and from Tanzania — and lots of downtime in between you can utilize for some quality reading. However, books can take up a lot of space and weight in your luggage. Try bringing a Kindle instead! Packing lightly also means you’ll have extra room for souvenirs in your checked baggage on your way home.

  • Bath towel: Instead, bring a quick-dry towel. These are designed for travel and being on-the-go. This decision will save a ton of space and drying time, too! (Depending on where you are staying, you may not need a towel at all. Check with your accommodation before making this packing decision.) 

So there you have it! Whether you are hitting the beach or embarking on a wild safari, we have all of your essentials covered. Grab your travel documents and go! It’s time for Tanzania to capture your heart with its action-packed bucket-list experiences that are offered year-round.

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Post written by: Kirsten Cusack, @kirqsak