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10 Essentials You Need for Your Italian Adventure

Packing for a trip can be so stressful! You can make list after list and still forget something. We are here to help with 10 packing essentials to make your trip to Italy comfortable.  Italy has seasons so make sure you know the season you are packing for. These ten essential are for all seasons of travel and any region of Italy you will explore.


1.) A good pair of walking shoes

You will be walking quite a bit while exploring Italy and the pathways may be smooth concrete or asphalt and they may be cobblestone. There is also a VERY good chance you will be walking up steep and narrow streets, just like in our expedition to Cinque Terre, Italy and you will want to have shoes that have good traction.

2.) A Capsule Wardrobe

This is a wonderful way to pack efficiently and to have an array of outfits with limited articles of clothing. This will also give you an opportunity to pack even more souvenirs! You will want to have items that layer so that if the nights are cold or you have a rainy day it won’t keep you from going out and seeing the city you are staying in. Depending on the season you can pack light or heavy layers.


3.) Day Bag

Take a bag you don’t mind carrying all day. Some fan favorites have been fanny packs, a backpack or a crossbody bag. Also remember to not overpack  your day bag so that it will be comfortable all day.

4.) Camera

One of the most wonderful things we get to do in this modern world is document our lives. Being able to document the places you have been will be cherished memories for years to come, so make sure your camera bag is packed and ready to go. Don’t forget a spare battery or two!


5.) Night out outfit

Seeing a cities night life can be so exciting! So bring an outfit that is not only comfortable but also makes you feel good. You can go dance the night away, go wine tasting or go on a culinary adventure.

6.) Power adapter

THIS IS A MUST. Do some research beforehand to figure out the type of adaptor you will need. If you forget this chances are you will not be able to use your electronics during your trip.

7.) Document Holder

Trust us when we say you will want all of your travel documentation in one place. Having them float around in your carry-on can become frustrating.  Document holders with zippers are a must so that it contains everything you need without the worry of something slipping out.

8.) Umbrella or Poncho

Weather can often be incredibly unpredictable. Staying inside because of weather while being in the beautiful country of Italy would be devastating! An umbrella or poncho can really turn around a rainy or even snowy day, they keep you dry while you walk the charming streets of Italy. And on a sunny day an umbrella can keep you from getting sunburned.

9.) Reusable Water Bottle

The water in Italy is generally clean and drinkable. There is no need to constantly go out and buy plastic water bottle after plastic water bottle. In our Umbria, Italy expedition you will want a reusable water bottle while hiking through the beautiful villages and countryside. Bringing a reusable water bottle saves you money and is environmentally friendly.


10.) Power Bank

If you are going anywhere from Venice to the Vatican you will be out and about most of the day keeping you away from power outlets. A power bank would keep you from missing an opportunity to take a photo or make a video of what you are doing.

A trip to Italy will be made so much more fun and enjoyable when you remember these travel essentials. We hope your trip is memorable!

Post written by Kassidy Mortimer