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Tastes of Peru

With its fresh ingredients and bursting flavors, Peruvian food has been climbing up the popularity charts over the past few years. Some restaurants have even consider the food a “trend.” Be sure to take advantage of all of these delicious dishes during your next trip to Peru!



When traveling throughout Peru, it’s hard to not always be on the move. If looking for an easy grab-and-go option, Juane typically consists of eggs, rice, olives, chicken and fried plantains. This Amazon-originated dish is typically boiled before being served.

Choritos a la Chalaca

Pass the apps! Perfect for a summer day on the coast of Peru, this light dish consists of mussels with tomatoes, onions, corn and lime juice. No need for utensils with this dish!


Ceviche Peru.jpg

Although popular throughout Latin America, ceviche is known as Peru’s national dish. Don’t try and leave without trying this marinated citrus fish dish.  The word ceviche is indigenous quechuan for fresh fish. Located on the coast of Peru, the city of Lima offers some of the best tastings of this dish. If you have some extra time and are willing to wait, Punto Azul is a very popular lunch spot for ceviche in Lima.  When ordered in Peru, expect your ceviche to come with a side of sweet potatoes and corn-on-the-cob. It also pairs nicely with a cold beer. This dish won’t be difficult to prepare when returning home, just pay extra attention to the freshness of the ingredients while recreating. Some of the best fish to use include, sea bass, halibut and flounder. Add some hotness to your dish with an aji chili pepper. Specifically, the yellow aji peppers rank from 40,000-50,000 on the ‘spicy scale’ in comparison to a jalapeño pepper that ranks between 2,500-8,000.

Cuy Al Horno

Yes, believe it or not, roasted guinea pig is a traditional Peruvian food typically reserved for special occasions, such as birthdays. Although most of the world views this animal as a pet, this rodent is a native animal to Peru. Typically stuffed with herbs and baked, this dish is served whole with a side of potatoes. Don’t be afraid to dig in with your hands! Locals claim that the hind legs are full of protein and is where the best meat is found.

Pisco Sour


Relax after your long days of hiking and exploring with adding a pisco sour or two with your meal. This famous Peruvian drink typically includes pisco, syrup, lime juice, ice and raw egg to create some foam.


What meal is complete without dessert?! The Lucuma fruit is the world’s only ice cream flavored fruit. Yes, you read that correctly. Others say it also contains the flavors of a potato covered in syrup or caramel. Native to Peru, you most likely are not too familiar with this fruit, as it is very difficult to grow elsewhere. Check out La Lucha Sanchuchería for this addicting sweet.

Peru has amazing cuisine. And although it’s culinary popularity isn’t a secret, many don’t give as much attention to or credit as this country deserves.