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The Best Time to Plan Your Vacation

As the temperature drops, it signals that the holidays are right around the corner. Leaving people questioning: what is the ideal time to start planning for holiday, or even summer, vacations? If you’re already set on where you’re traveling (international or domestic), definitely opt for advanced booking. In the 2-3 month range, prices for flights may fluctuate but will stay on the lower side of the spectrum. Waiting for the one month range will leave you out of luck and emptying your pockets.

Days of the Week

According to USA Today, there are even better days of the week to book cheap airfare. Smarter Travel suggests that Monday through Wednesday is when airlines offer their lowest prices. VP of retail air at Expedia, John Morrey, always suggests Tuesday evenings: airlines often release sales on Monday and Tuesday and make Tuesday evening the ideal time for optimal savings before prices go up during the weekend.

Search in an “Incognito Window”

It may seem slightly paranoid, but searching in an “incognito” browser window can lead to lower prices. The internet, and airline companies, tend to track your “cookies.” They can sometimes tell what flights you are looking at and can start raising their prices once they sense a demand.

Understand Seasonality

It may be difficult to work around seasonality with all the moving parts that go into travel but always keep an eye on the time of year when booking trips. “Air Treks” writes that the time of the year, and whether it is the optimal season for a location (for example: going to Indonesia when it’s not rainy season) can dramatically raise prices. If possible, avoid peak travel periods to certain destinations to score cheaper tickets and accommodations.

Bear in mind the following price ranges when scheduling your flights. These apply for most every world region:

Be Flexible

Ultimately, your best bet on a low price ticket vacation depends upon your ability to be flexible with your travel plans and your dedication to researching different airlines and agencies. At Acanela, we love to cake of the little details in booking a trip, so that you can dream of the big accomplishments. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at expeditions@acanela.com, and be sure to explore our many trips.