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Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand offers picture-perfect views and spectacular experiences all year round.  However, with each changing season, new adventures are waiting to be had!

While gelid and inhospitable in the Northern hemisphere, the months of November to February provide pristine conditions on the South West Coast of Thailand.  Beaches are bathed in sunshine, with cool mornings warming into long, moderate afternoons. The waters are framed by pure white sands, a perfect scene for diving and snorkeling.

Yet, these months bring more than just agreeable climate! From the 21st of November to the 23rd of 2018, the skies and waterways of Thailand sparkle with the illumination of thousands of candles. An annual celebration called Loi Krathong, coincides with a linked celebration Khom Loi, and joins together locals and travelers alike to enjoy this beautiful demonstration of rich culture and tradition. Traditional boats placed into the waters, called Krathong, were once made from a sliced banana tree trunk or a tiger lily plant. However, modern boats can be made from various materials including bread and styrofoam. Non biodegradable materials such as styrofoam are a great danger to the preservation of Thailand's environment. While enjoying the awe-inspiring experience, it is important to be conscientious of local wildlife as well.

For flower enthusiasts, the first weekend of February brings something exceedingly exciting. The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is a sure delight to any botanist looking to see nature's most beautiful collections of plants come together in one parade. A colorful and vibrant display of towering floats filled with chrysanthemums brings more than gasps and smiles. For some girls riding atop the floats, it also brings the hope of being crowned Chiang Mai Flower Festival Queen!

In April, Songkran, the traditional New Year of Thailand is celebrated, and May provides the chance to travel anywhere in the country to be greeted by clear blue skies.

July visits are best planned during the start of the month as the cooler rainy season comes and inhabits most of the west coast. By the end of August to October, Thailand is overtaken by cool and wet showers sweeping the country. While the rain may frighten away mainstream tourists, Thailand still has much to offer in its rainy months. Shopping markets provide a complete immersion in Thailand's culture and people. With many unique culinary experiences, those willing to leave their comfort zone will be richly rewarded.  Snacks like scorpions and squid are common, easy to access and worth the risk if you dare to try them!

Thailand is full of rich experiences, culture, and people. Whether your most drawn to Thailand by it’s foods, it’s celebrations, or it’s beaches, there's no denying- it’s people and heritage make it one of a kind.

Article written by Mia Tuttle