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Best Time to Travel to Bhutan

Imagine traveling into a country that kept itself isolated from the rest of the world until the mid-20th century, a country shrouded in magic and mystery. Welcome to Bhutan, a landlocked country situated between Tibet, India, and Southeast Asia. Bhutan is a unique nation, with a strong foundation in Buddhism and a rich cultural heritage, stemming from the fact that it is one of the only Asian countries that has never been colonized by a foreign power. The beautiful country of Bhutan has been virtually untouched by the outside world, and it has only been open to tourists since 1974 (and, even today, it does so very carefully). Bhutan will take you back in time and remind of you of the true meaning of “authenticity;” exploring the gorgeous sacred sites, experiencing the traditional Bhutanese way of life, and tasting the amazing traditional (and spicy!) foods, will prove to you that Bhutan is the dream destination for every traveler searching for a culturally authentic experience.

But when is the best time to travel to this mysterious country?

Because Bhutan carefully controls the number of tourists coming in to its borders, travelers do not have to worry about it feeling too “crowded.” Yet, with varying weather conditions throughout the year, some months are certainly more appealing to travelers!


These are Bhutan’s coldest months, but the clear, blue skies and little rain will provide gorgeous vistas of the surrounding Himalayan mountains. Tourist numbers are generally lowest during these months, as well. If you’re traveling this time of year, make sure to grab your puffy jacket and some warm boots—but those views will make it worth the cold!


The spring months are some of the most popular times to travel to Bhutan, as the weather gets warmer and the beautiful flowers (notably the lovely rhododendrons) are in full bloom. Bhutan’s landscapes (and especially the sprawling valleys) are at their best this time of year, making them ideal for trekking through the beautiful mountain paths. These are the ideal months for all of those nature lovers!


The summer months are monsoon season in Bhutan, so conditions are not ideal for trekking or for clear views of the mountains. If you’re traveling to Bhutan during the summer, you will definitely want take a water-proof jacket and some sturdy rain boots with you! And maybe plan a nice visit to a cozy spa!


Once the summer rains pass, pleasant temperatures and clear skies emerge, making these months some of the best in Bhutan. They are also full of lively cultural festivals and events (especially the popular Thimpu Tsechu, which involves colorful costumes and masks and lots of dancing!), meaning that these months are ideal for those seeking cultural experiences. Yet, make a note that autumn is high tourist season in Bhutan, so plan your trip well in advance if you want to travel during this time!

Whichever month you choose, you will be guaranteed to experience gorgeous vistas of the Himalayas and rich cultural traditions of the Bhutanese way of life!

We hope you will join Acanela on our next trip to Bhutan! Our trip will be entirely guided by an amazingly friendly local Bhutanese named Karma. Click here to learn more about your tour guide and all the amazing wonders that you will experience on this trip of a lifetime!