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Paris, Spain, and Portugal with Acanela Expeditions

Our Founder & CEO, Kylie just got back from an adventurous 3 week trip to Europe! Her first stop was Iceland. Read on about her experience from her journal entry on Day 1. 

"We (Andrew and I) are on our way to Iceland for another Acanela Expeditions – and WOW what an adventure it has already been!  After a chaotic morning taking care of last minute work emails, quickly trying to film a packing video, and scarfing down the last bit of fresh fruit in the fridge (or stuffing it in our bags for Iceland where fruit is scarse) we are off!  Our journey consists of a route that will take us across 6 countries in Europe in 18 days, starting in Iceland and ending in Portugal (where I used to live several years ago).  Iceland and Greece will be countries 77 & 78 for me so must I say, I am VERY VERY VERY excited! 
Throughout our journey we will be meeting with incredible people in Iceland, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal who have recently joined the Acanela Team – everyone from Adventure Guides, Culinary Artisans, Boutique Hotel Owners, Truffle Hunters, Skippers of Sailboats, spear fisherman, and many, many more!  We are thrilled to have so many talented people to work with and make our travel experiences so unique!  Throughout our 3-week journey we will be sharing photos, videos, stories, and local highlights – so stay tuned!
We arrive in Reykjavik, Iceland at 4am tomorrow morning, and will head straight to the next adventure!  Until then!  P.S. Andrew is already asleep in the seat next to me, I think I already wore him out!  Oh well, here is to the next adventure!"

We'll write a separate blog post about Iceland but for this post we wanted to focus on the adventure side of Paris, Portugal, and Spain.  Watch our video below!