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Best Time to Travel to Cinque Terre, Italy

What is the best time to travel to the Cinque Terre in Italy?

Italy is always a great idea, and the Cinque Terre is sure to steal your heart.  The Italian Riviera will enchant you with her brightly colored cliffside houses that cascade down to the Ligurian Sea, walking paths with soaring views, otherworldly sunsets, and delectable cuisine.  While we believe that anytime is a good time to visit Italy, certain times of the year will be more rewarding and memorable based on your travel style, and the type of trip you are seeking.

1. For our adventurous traveler. . .

A walking path connects all five villages and takes hikers through the mountains of Liguria.  The entire trail is approximately 11km, taking around five hours to complete. This of course does not take into account the time you will definitely want to spend exploring each of the unique villages.  Some of the path is easy to traverse, while other portions are slightly more difficult as they climb up and over hillsides with spectacular views of the sea. The season for hiking begins mid-March through mid-October as the rainy season kicks off late October and the autumn rains will eventually close off some of the trails.  


2.  For our beach goers. . .

The beaches that call the Cinque Terre home are full of natural beauty.  With majestic blue water, both white sand and pebble beaches, and gentle breezes, you are sure to find yourself in paradise.  For the most memorable beach experience, it is best to visit from mid-May to mid-September as the temperatures are warm enough to dive right in the turquoise waters!

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3. For our culinary enthusiasts. . .

      On our expedition to the Cinque Terre, you will be able to experience hands on cooking classes combined with wine pairings that showcase wines from the region. If you travel from August through November you will be in the Cinque Terre for the grape harvest season.  Stroll along the walking paths that connect the five villages for an up close view. After the savory foods in the Cinque Terre satisfy your palate, add on our three day extension to Rome for even more tasty experiences!  

4. For our festival seekers. . .

Throughout the year, many festivals can be experienced in the Cinque Terre.  From the Lemon Festival in Spring to the Fried Anchovy Festival and the Feast of Pirates in the Summer.  During Autumn, festivals come to town that allow travelers to taste wines and olive oil made right in the Cinque Terre.  One of the most spectacular events takes place every winter in Manarola. From December 8th until January 31st, the largest lighted nativity in the world illuminates the hills with over 200 figures and 15,000 light bulbs!

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No matter what time of year you decide to make your dreams of visiting the Cinque Terre a reality, we are sure that you will return home filled with the most incredible memories, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Post written by Cheyanne Gage