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Morocco's 5-Star Guesthouse

Many people wonder where they should stay when they visit another country, and often there are so many choices that you don’t even know where to start. Well, from my experience sometimes it is the most unassuming places that end up being the most special - such as the Riads in Morocco. So where should you stay the next time you visit Morocco?  Whether you are in Marrakech, Fes, Tangier, Casablanca, or the Sahara Desert - let me share with you a little secret about the top Morocco Hotels, well they are actually Riads and that is where you should stay if you want an authentic experience in Morocco.

Morocco riad entryway.jpg

“What if I told you that for the next week I would be staying here…. Some people may say: This is not safe, this is not nice, why on earth would you stay here? Well, before you say anymore, let me take you inside.”

Riads are some of the most beautiful places you can stay in Morocco.  The floors and walls are covered in stunning Arabic tiles, and the rooms are each unique and filled with antiques and vintage furniture. There are open-air courtyards with stunning gardens reaching to the rooftops, and there are fountains and pools everywhere (both swimming pools and plunge pools)

Marrakesh Morocco Riad.jpg

“And I haven’t even mentioned the food in the Riads… which is delicious and some of the best in Morocco.  From homemade Breads, soft cheeses, delicious tagines (stewed meat & vegetables), freshly squeezed orange juice, and and lots and lots of mint tea….”

One of the highlights of Morocco are the Riads, because of the people and the food. Riads are also home to some of the kindest people (and the best food in Morocco).  You always hear about Moroccan Food, Moroccan Street Food, etc… and haven’t you always wanted to try it? Morocco is known for it’s delicious cuisine, spices, and hospitality. Some of the best meals you will eat are dishes made in the homes of locals.

So, what is a Riad and why is it so beautiful?  Riads are traditional Moroccan Houses, formerly the mansions of wealthy Arab families that have now become places where guests can stay! When many tourists picture a house (or a guesthouse), they normally don’t think of a place this luxurious week or beautiful. From the outside you would never expect a Riad to be this BEAUTIFUL on the inside. You may walk right by your room and not even know it.

“Often people miss some of the most beautiful places & experiences when they travel simply because they overlook what is right in front of them. Just like this Riad in Morocco. Don’t let looks deceive you, it’s what is on the inside that counts.”

So, where should you stay in Morocco? In Marrakech? In Fez? In Casablanca? In the Atlas Mountains? In the Sahara Desert?  Wherever you are in Morocco, you should stay in a Riad.