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Clothing Made from Bugs?

Hello from Simbai, Papua New Guinea!

I am here with one of the most unique tribes in the world. What makes them so unique? It’s not how they live, it’s not how they eat, it’s not how they talk, but how they dress. Everyday you and I put on clothes made from cotton, wool, silk. But the Kalam Tribe puts on hats made from over 1000 Green Beetles.

Centuries ago this tribe discovered the beauty of these green beetles and started to use them in their dress, luring them with white moss, and catching them with their bare hands. But the beetles only appear two months of the year, which means it can take over three years to collect enough beetles to make just one headdress, and they still make these headdresses today.

So why would they spend so much time on one headdress? Because they want to preserve their culture, traditions, and way of life.

As Western influences become more noticeable throughout the world, cultural traditions like the green beetle headdress will start to disappear. Whether you live in the United States, Europe, or Papua New Guinea, we all have unique customs and traditions.  And It is your responsibility to preserve these traditions so you can pass them on to future generations.

Do you think Traditions (like Green Beetle Headdress) are important?

"Traditions represent a critical piece of our culture. They help form the structure and foundation of our families and our society. They remind us that we are part of a history that defines our past, shapes who we are today and who we are likely to become. Once we ignore the meaning of our traditions, we’re in danger of damaging the underpinning of our identity."

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