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Top 11 Morocco Travel Tips

Have you ever wanted to travel to Morocco, but are unsure of what to expect? Morocco is a beautiful destination where desert fortresses rise out of the sands of the Sahara, sapphire oceans caress white sandy beaches, and the purple peaks of the Atlas Mountains glisten with snow. If this seems like the kind of trip for you continue reading to learn more about our top 11 Morocco travel tips!  


1. Always carry small change on you. You never know when you'll need it and coming across it is not that easy. 

2. Morocco is extremely photogenic, whatever your style may be. Make sure to ask someone before you take their photo and tip them after. 10-30 duram is fine. Moroccan women are very shy and usually don't like their photo being taken, but don't shy away from asking anyways! 

Morocco travel trips

3. Respect their hustle. Something that we found different in Morocco in comparison to other African countries was that the Moroccan people are hustling a lot. They are trying to make a living. You may not agree with how they are doing it, but they are doing the best they can for what they have. Rather than being frustrated by this, try and respect it. 

4. Contrary to the above tip, be cautious of their hustle. People in markets wanting you to buy from them, kids wanting you to hire them to get you from one end of the souks to the next, people wanting to "show you something wonderful" ~ all these people you will have to pay off. It's ok to partake- do! You do see magical things, just be aware that you'll have to tip them/pay them. 

morocco travel tips

5. Spend a little extra on a nice riad. Your riad becomes your home, your rest spot, your peace. It makes all the difference to close your door and have calmness from all the hustle & bustle. You can find a slew of them on Airbnb. And they are gorgeous!

6. Eat the street food! Notice all the little stands where Moroccan people are eating? Eat there. That's what they eat. They will triple the price for tourists but hey it's still a very good deal and the real thing! 

Morocco travel tips

7. Go to a hammam! They are amazing. In fact if you're adventurous do a hamman catered to travelers and do a local hamman that the Morrocans go to. There is a big difference and it's really cool to see real vs. luxury. 

8. Find yourself a "Ras el hanout" to take home with you. Ras el hanout in Arabic means "head of the shop" and is a mixture of the best spices the shop has to offer. This is something great to bring home and make a Moroccan inspired meal for your friends and family to share your experience. 

Morocco travel tips

9. Try and find authentic "Morrocan whiskey." This is the mint tea. In tourist spots it's really not great. When made well, it's fabulous! When they pour it for you, there should be a mouse that forms on top - that means it's good! A tour guide will usually know where to take you if you ask for an authentic tea. 

10. If you're going to buy artisinal goods, buy from the makers. They are hard workers and are so happy when you buy directly from them rather than in a trap tourist shop. To find the artisans you can start in the souks and ask around. You will make their day! And you're usually able to get a better bargain. 

11. Hire a tour guide! We are so not the type to do this, but we are so happy we did. They know the ins & outs, the history, how to bargain. We crafted our own itinerary with our guide and he did a fabulous job . Yes, they have deals with the street people, restaurant owners etc. They are all in it together. Respect this! It's just how it works there. 

Written by Mimi & Coy  www.mimiandcoy.com

Written by Mimi & Coy www.mimiandcoy.com