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Webinar | Morocco FAQs

Tune in at 11am PST / 2pm EST on Wednesday 15 August! Join Kylie Chenn as she talks through all things Morocco, answering your Top Travel Questions... Is Morocco Safe, Top Things to Do, What to Pack, Must Eats, and more!

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Questions Answered:

  • Is it safe to visit Morocco?

  • Is Morocco Safe for Female Travelers?

  • Is Morocco Safe to Travel Alone?

  • When is the Best Time of the Year to Travel?

  • What are some of the Best Places to Visit? Fez? Chefchaouen?

  • Do you need a Guide? What are the Guides Like?

  • Should I Visit the Sahara?

  • Where are the best markets?

  • What are the accommodations / hotels like?

  • What type of dress code should we follow?

  • Is there access to ATMS or can you use credit cards for purchases?

  • What are standard tip amounts? Is it customary to tip in Morocco?