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The Amalfi Coast: A Photographer's Paradise

A beautiful stretch of Italian coastline, nothing captures the heart quite like the Amalfi Coast. With its stunning landscapes, pastel-colored buildings, and small beaches hidden along the entire coast, it’s easy to see why some people want to go back again and again. And while there’s something to say for the region’s limoncello and lemon-themed arts and crafts, the best souvenirs are the endless amazing pictures that photographers of all skill levels can capture here. Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes or a seasoned pro snapping your 10,000th shot, you’ll be able to take gorgeous photos along the Amalfi Coast, and this article will help lead you to some stellar spots.



Positano is a must-visit locale along the Amalfi Coast. This cliffside village is well known for its colorful architecture, boutique shops, cafes, and beaches. When you see photos of the Amalfi Coast on the internet or social media, there’s a good chance that you’re looking at shots of Positano. It seems that almost every photo of this town could be on a postcard!

When photographing this spot, the key is to really think about the mood you’re wanting to create. Are you wanting a vibrant photo where all the colors of the buildings stand out? Then taking pictures earlier in the day is your best bet, so you can avoid the harsh afternoon light. Want a hazy, more romantic photo? In this case, closer to sunset would be better. If you like editing photos, you can also bring out some of the warmth of the photo by turning up the yellow hues using the “temperature” feature. Be careful not to make it too high however, or you could risk losing some of the color depth, such as the blue of the ocean!



Amalfi’s fragrant lemon groves are not to be missed! Their bright colors and citrusy scent will lift your spirits and leave you smiling all day.

You can visit the lemon groves either on your own or on a group tour with a company. If you’re exploring the groves on your own, there are lots of walking paths you can take to view the groves with the coast behind them! (Try hiking through the Valle delle Ferriere, located just outside of Amalfi itself.) Many tour experiences will give you a chance to learn about the growing process and the area’s history, perhaps even offering the opportunity to taste some lemon products! This can include lemon cake, lemonade, or limoncello. For anyone who loves summery colors, this is definitely a great photo op that allows you to learn a lot about the villages along the way.



A little island in the Bay of Naples, Capri is completely different from the previously mentioned Positano. This island has a rugged landscape, complete with mountains and grottos that hide secret beaches. One of the most famous spots is the Blue Grotto, a dark, cave-like beach, a place where the sunlight shines through an underwater cave and gives the water a luminous blue color.

This island is also home to ritzy hotels and boutique shopping, which draw in a lot of yachts along the coast for passengers wishing to have an upscale vacation.

This island boasts so much diversity that your photo ops will be far from few! There are plenty of spots to go on Capri for both the high-end tourist and the off-the-beaten-path traveler.



If wandering among charming Italian buildings and beautiful flowers sounds like your cup of tea, then Villa Rufolo just might be the place to go! This garden lies above the main square in Ravello, and it’s a gem of a find. It has stunning views of the Mediterranean, and it’s home to rows upon rows of flowers. It’s considered to be the cultural center of the town.

For a small admission fee, you can stroll through the villa and learn about the town’s history, all while taking in the beautiful gardens. When taking photos of this spot, you might wish to get a shot from above the garden, so you can see both the flowers and the sea in the same frame.



Growing up, many of my friends enjoyed photography. While it wasn’t my strong suit, I wanted to learn more about it so that when I traveled, I could come home and show my friends and family the photos I’d taken! Learning to edit photos well takes a lot of practice, and while I’m no expert, here are a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years that will help beginner photographers on their way to taking stunning travel photos.

1) Your first photos might not be perfect.

When I first began to practice editing, I would get so frustrated as to why my photos didn’t look like the ones I was inspired by. I soon learned that “beginner’s luck” doesn’t really exist when it comes to photo editing. It takes a lot of practice, and you’ll always be learning new techniques. Don’t get upset if your first photos aren’t exactly how you want them — you’ll get there with time!

2) Own your style.

With so many photographers out there, it can be easy to get lost in comparison. But remember, you’re the one who will have your photos hung up in your house or set as your phone wallpaper, so edit your photos how you want! Having your own style sets you apart from the others.

3) Download an app.

When you’re just learning how to edit photos, all the different types of editing software can be overwhelming. Make it easier for yourself to learn what all the controls mean by getting an editing app. My preferences are VSCO and Tezza because they’re simple to use and work really well! Both apps are free, but if you decide you really like them and want to explore more editing features, you could pay for a premium membership (both apps’ premium options are really affordable!).

4) Less is more.

While most edited photos look stunning, it can be quite easy to over-edit. The main purpose of photo editing is to bring a little more life and vibrancy into a photo, but you don’t want to completely lose sight of what the original photo was.

5) Be careful with “saturation.”

Be wary of saturation, a feature that controls the strength of your photo’s colors. Turn the saturation up, and you’ll get bolder colors. Turn it down, and you’ll get a black-and-white photo. But be careful with this! Saturation has the potential to really warp your photo coloring, especially if you have people in your photos.


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Post by Demitria Rounis