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Five Top Family-Friendly Destinations

Trying to plan a family getaway but not sure where to start? We know it can be difficult to travel with the whole family. After all, how do you find a destination that is appealing to both adults and kids of various ages? Luckily, we have done the work for you! Read below to discover five of the top family-friendly destinations in the world.


Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice, may not immediately sound like it should be on top of the family-friendly vacation list. But think again! With its gorgeous coastlines, larger-than-life glaciers, active volcanoes, and thermal springs, Iceland is a land of endless adventure for the whole family. Though it may not contain big amusement parks, Iceland offers so much more: from hiking up glaciers and waterfalls to whale watching and horseback riding, no child could possibly get bored in Iceland. 

In addition, many cottages, farmsteads, and hotels in Iceland are child friendly — most offer extra cots, rooms with family accommodations, and even play areas. Restaurants and rest areas also typically cater to families. If you have young children, you might want to check out the Islandskort Barnanna, a map of Iceland exclusively for children!


From the mystical ancient site of Machu Picchu to the bustling markets of Ollantaytambo and Cusco, Peru is full of fascinating history, natural beauty, and rich cultural traditions, all of which will inspire wonder in travelers of all ages! Hike to the top of the staggering Rainbow Mountain, take the train to Machu Pichu, kayak the shores of the beautiful Lake Titicaca, visit the numerous alpaca farms, experience the magic of a llama blessing, and find unique handmade items at the local markets. What’s more, Peru’s dry season coincides with school summer vacation in North America, making travel to Peru even easier. 

From the delicious traditional food to the never-ending adventures, adults and kids alike will delight in the beauty and excitement of Peru!  


The mention of Italy likely evokes images of romantic candlelight dinners full of rich pasta and flowing wine. While those images are undoubtedly true, Italy is also a surprisingly great spot for the whole family!

Italian cities are second to none when it comes to staggering ancient sites and fascinating museums. With entertaining tour guides, smartphone apps, and audio guides, it’s easier than ever to discover kid-friendly material while the adults enjoy a more sophisticated tour right alongside them! Let your children explore the famous Colosseum with tales of gladiators wild beasts, and climb to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica for an unforgettable view!

Away from the cities, families can relax and enjoy lovely beachside towns, including the unmatched Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre. More adventurous families will enjoy seaside and mountain hikes, swimming, water sports, and even volcano climbing in places like Sicily and Pompeii. Take the train through the countryside, enjoy unmatched bike riding through Tuscany, take a few cooking classes, and, of course, enjoy the amazing cuisine. The list of Italian adventures are simply endless! 

 Not to mention, what child (or adult, for that matter!) doesn’t love gelato? 


Spain is one of Europe’s top family-friendly destinations, with easy and accessible transportation, kid-friendly accommodations, and enough food to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Spain’s beaches are practically tailor-made for children: many are sheltered by protective coves, and most enjoy calm, wave-free waters that are perfect for younger children. Meanwhile, large cities like Madrid and especially Barcelona are perfect for children to enjoy and explore. Theme parks, wax museums, chocolate museums, horse shows, and various interactive exhibits make exploring fun for the whole family! And we haven’t even mentioned the idyllic castles and monuments in Spain’s smaller cities, such as the famous La Alhambra in Granada — all of these will play perfectly into a child’s imagination! 


Tanzania in East Africa is one of the best places in the world to spot wildlife. The unmatched beauty of the Serengti and the Ngorongoro Crater, along with the incredible concentration of animals, make Tanzania one of the very best destinations for the whole family. The vast number of animal species that inhabit this beautiful country provides a fantastic opportunity for travelers to spot a large number of animals on safari excursions.

Safaris have an incredible, multi-generational appeal that will not only spark the imagination and awe of children, but will please the adults in the family as well! After all, who wouldn’t enjoy an epic adventure spotting some of the most iconic African animals in the wild? The combination of wildlife and amazing natural beauty makes Tanzania a winner with all age groups, from children all the way to grandparents!

Bring the entire family on an Acanela Expeditions tour to one of these five incredible destinations!