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Patty & Kevin’s Journey to Jordan (and Israel)

We took a few minutes to catch up with Patty & Kevin to learn a little more about what their experience traveling to Jordan was really like.  Read below and be inspired to journey to this incredible part of the world!


What were the Highlights of your Trip?

Patty: The highlights of our trip to Jordan was exploring Petra and visiting Wadi Rum. Petra will take your breath away with its genius and beautiful architecture, and being there with a knowledgeable guide will only make your visit more immersive and interesting. The desert of Wadi Rum will take your breath away. We joined a open jeep caravan that navigated the red sandy dunes of the desert until we had the option of going on camelback the rest of the way (take the camel! You won’t regret it!). Riding the camel caravan with our small group was amazing - it took me back to an ancient time and I’ll never forget the funny and grumpy camel noises as we trekked through the desert looking at the sky scrappers rock walls formations.

Kevin: Petra was one of the most spectacular sights I have ever witnessed. The beautiful facades along with the beautiful desert landscape truly makes it one of the wonders of the world. Wadi Rum for me was a close second in that its picturesque terrain and sweeping desert hills made for an amazing day while riding in a jeep caravan as well as a camel. I loved the food and especially the hummus and array of different spices!


What was your favorite food in Jordan?

Patty: All the hummus I could get into my mouth. And knaffeh, a cheesy dessert.

Kevin: HUMMUS and Baklava!


What was your experience visiting Petra like?

Patty: From having a peaceful and restful night in our beautiful hotel literally steps away from the city of Petra to exploring the fascinating rock palaces, I loved every minute of our time there. A very safe park where English (and many other languages) is spoken, along with our small group and an experienced guide, I felt nothing more to be desired. We were educated on Petra and the Nabatian’s history through the morning, had lunch inside the park, and in the afternoon we were able to explore however we liked, which we really enjoyed being on our own for a while but having the safety of a group whenever we felt like we needed to join them.

Kevin: Petra was more than what I expected. All you seem to see in pictures is essentially the treasury, but Petra is much more than that. I was impressed by the slot canyons and the journey just to arrive at the treasury. Past the treasury displayed a multitude of different caves and tombs and even roman architecture that ruled the lands for some time. The openness of the park was great too in that you could truly customize your day and see the sights however fast or slow you wanted to.


Any recommendations for travelers preparing to visit Jordan (or Israel / Egypt)?

Patty: Bring cash and get ready to negotiate the price of anything you’d like to buy! The Arab culture is to haggle and when you’re friendly and show them a good sense of humor they will work with you. They are also very proud of their hospitality - they will offer tea while you shop, just say “shukran” (thank you) and accept their gift to you. In Amman, the capital, we did see many women who did not wear a veil or cover their legs and arms - however it’s probably not ok for us, visitors in their land, to do the same so bring modest clothes and at least a scarf you can use to cover your head if needed.

Kevin: Don't listen to what the media tells you at home about the middle east. They only show the bad and Jordan is certainly not what they show on television. Jordanian people were very hospitable and very nice. There is certainly a culture of bargaining and vying for the best price but people did so with a good spirit. Bring a jacket! The desert gets cold at night and Amman is higher elevation than you think. Be respectful and try and learn a few phrases or terms in order to show that you are interested in the culture, it will go a long way.