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How to Pack for the Polynesian Islands


The Polynesian Islands are a dream destination for many travelers. White
sand, crystal clear water, lush scenery, and perfect weather are just a few
things that draw people to these pieces of paradise. You can relax as much as
you want, fill your vacation with adventures, or choose a mix of both! Here is
a packing list to help you prepare for your trip to the Pacific Islands:

  • Passport

  • Electronics chargers/portable charger/headphones/book (Usually the flights to get here are long, so you will want something to pass the time)

  • Outlet plug adapter (check with where you are staying. Some places are type A or B which is what is used in the United States, but some are type E which is used in Europe)

  • Sun protection (Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses/aloe in case you burn-the sun is very intense here since it is close to the equator! You don’t want to ruin your trip or damage your skin)

  • Bathing suit & cover-up (most beaches are top-optional)

  • Lightweight clothing (Average temperature is 80 degrees year-round)

  • Lightweight long skirt/slacks/sweater for night time to avoid insect bites

  • Insect repellent

  • Sandals/flip flops

  • Water shoes (don’t want to cut your foot on coral)

  • Tennis shoes (if you plan on checking out the mountains/jungle or doing other adventurous activities)

  • Small day bag

  • Ziploc baggies (to keep your phone/money dry and sand-free)

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex are widely accepted)

  • Small first aid kit (Ibuprofen, Imodium, Tums, Pepto tablets, Band-Aids, Neosporin, any medications you take)

  • Basics: underwear/socks, toothbrush/paste, make-up, shampoo, hair brush, etc.

  • Snorkel (if you have one. They can be borrowed at many hotels)

  • Plastic bag for wet clothes (in case your bathing suit doesn’t dry before you have to leave)

  • Beach towel (if where you are staying doesn’t provide one)


  • French is the official language, but English is widely spoken. Learn a few basic words/phrases to show respect- it will go a long way with the locals!

  • Currency: USD are accepted at some establishments, but the local currency is the Pacific Franc. Major credit cards are also accepted

  • Food is typically expensive on the islands, so bring snacks from home

  • Buy bottled water

  • Supplies on the islands are expensive since everything has to be imported, so plan to bring everything you need rather than buying it once you get there



Written by: Christie Kinney @in_between_flights