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What it's Like to Travel to Jordan


13 March 2017 - Amman, Jordan

I never imagined that Amman, Jordan would be such a beautiful city.  By law it is required that every building be covered in a beautiful white limestone (one of Jordan’s main exports) which leads to some very scenic views as you stand overlooking the city.  Today was a special experience, as it was the first day that our entire group of 9 people came together for the tour. Everyone is feeling a little groggy from jet lag, but we’re all excited for what the next few days have in store for us.  Today we visited the Citadel, Roman Amphitheater, and the Bazaar where we learned all about Jordanian history, culture, arts, and even sampled some of their cuisine…. let the adventures begin!


14 March 2017 - Jordan Valley, Jordan

Jordan has been incredible. The landscape of Jordan is covered in canyons, valleys, deserts, and waterfalls galore - it feels as if there is an endless amount of beautiful sites to visit.  Today we traveled from Amman to Petra along the shore of the Dead Sea. We stopped in several spots to learn about the area’s history and religious beliefs - such as Mount Nebo (where God granted Moses the privilege of seeing the Promised Land), Madaba (Home to some of the first Arabic Mosaics), Wadi Mouza (one of the most beautiful canyon hikes in Jordan), and of course The Dead Sea.  We arrived in Petra in the late evening - just in time to enjoy a delicious Traditional Jordanian Dinner (one of many we have had on this trip)!


15 March 2017 - Petra, Jordan

If you have not been to Petra - add it to your list RIGHT NOW.  These beautiful Nabatean ruins are something that you have to see at least once in your life. We stayed at the Petra Guest House, one of the top accommodations right outside of the entrance to Petra.  Here we were able to leave bright and early in the morning to explore this beautiful location. Upon entering Petra you walk through a large slot canyon (much more stunning than any canyon I have ever seen in the United States).  You walk for about a mile until the canyon opens up into your first glimpse of Petra - the Treasury… one of the most beautiful Facades of the entire City. What most people do not realize about Petra is that it continues on for miles, the city is HUGE and we had the entire day to explore it!


16 March 2017 - Wadi Rum, Jordan

Today we were only hours away from the Saudi Arabia Border, riding camels through the Wadi Rum Desert. Wadi Rum was incredible.  Movies such as Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia, The Martian, and many more were filmed here. The landscapes looks like something you would see on Mars… minus the various shepherds (or beduins) living in tents spread across the landscape.  We traveled for several hours across the desert (on both camelback and in a Jeep) just soaking in the mesmerizing nature and beauty around us. Next stop - crossing the border into Israel!