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Zita is an aspiring entrepreneur, culinary chef, and the mother of two beautiful children.  She lives with her husband and two children about an hour’s drive outside the village of Vilanculos on the coast of Mozambique.  She has spent the past eight years working in the kitchens of the small dive shops and hostels, preparing everything from traditional Mozambican cuisine to international flavors.  This allowed her to perfect her cooking skills

Recently Zita decided to open her own Mozambican restaurant in a small wooden shack that her aunt owns near the beach.  The restaurant is large enough to hold 10-12 people, and most of the time the space is filled.  She prepares a delicious peri-peri prawn curry, grilled calamari, and several chicken dishes on a single charcoal stove in a grass hut behind the restaurant.  When people want a true Mozambican experience, she prepares the most traditional Mozambican dish, as well as her favorite, Matapa.  Matapa consists of shredded cassava leaves, ground peanuts, and coconut milk, stewed together for several hours.