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Abdul - Tanzania


Abdul is from a small town in Northern Tanzania called Moshi, where he lives with his wife and two kids. Even from a young age Abdul has had an appreciation for life, nature, and exploration - which ultimately is what led him to become a guide on the highest free-standing mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro. Abdul has spent nearly 15 years on Kilimanjaro, first starting as a porter, assistant guide, and later, a full fledged head guide for thousands of expeditions.

Abdul spends most of his time leading adventurous climbers up Kilimanjaro, offering them his expert advice and wisdom as they slowly trek up the nearly 20,000 foot mountain. For the vast majority of his guiding career Abdul has led expeditions for other companies, but in 2015 with the help of the Acanela Team Abdul launched his own guiding company as a way to support his family and bring in additional income when other guiding companies don’t have climbers. Abdul’s climbing team is unique in that he employs his friends and neighbors from his village in Moshi - he affectionately dubs them the ‘sons of Moshi’ to symbolize their camaraderie and friendship.

A dedicated family man, Abdul is currently working on building a house for his family, a long process which starts by saving bring by brick. This process will likely take the next few years until he’s created a home as grand as his ambitions and drive.

Abdul has an incredibly big heart and long after he’s led a group to the summit of Kilimanjaro he will continue to message them on their birthdays, holidays, and generally stays in touch! If you get the opportunity to meet Abdul, he’ll most certainly become a close friend.