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Anaphiri is a 36 year-old Malawian woman who works as a maid for a small family in the capital city of Lilongwe.  She lives in a small cement block in the backyard of the home, with a mattress to sleep on and a charcoal stove to cook with.

She wakes up everyday at 4:00am to feed the chickens and the dogs, sweep away the red dust that settled on the porch during the night, and prepare porridge and tea to serve for breakfast.  She is responsible for keeping the home organized and clean, shopping for all the necessary household items and groceries, preparing all the meals, and catering to the needs of the family members in the home.   

She is the single mother of three children who live in a neighboring village with her mother, a four to six hour bus ride from Lilongwe.  She works everyday from sunrise to sunset, but sometimes she earns enough money for a bus and is allowed to go visit her family on Sunday evening.

When she is in Lilongwe working as a maid or at home enjoying a few moments with her children, she loves to share her cooking talent with all those around her.   She finds that sharing food is a way to bring any two people together.  Some of Anaphiri’s favorite dishes include stewed beans, nsima (boiled cornmeal), cooked greens, and chicken curry.

*Anaphiri Malawian Spice Blend coming soon in 2016