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Tanei is a member of the Masai tribe in Kenya.  She is the daughter-in-law to the chief of her village, and therefore is held in high respect by her peers.  Tanei was a ten-cow wife, meaning that her husband paid her father ten cows for the right and privilege to marry her.  In Masai culture, women do not argue against marrying any man even if they have absolutely no feelings towards them.

Luckily for Tanei, she is happy with her marriage. She just gave birth to a little baby boy, whom she swaddles in a cloth wrapped around her back and carries with her everywhere she goes.  Tanei lives with her husband and child in a small mud hut.  Her daily life consists of feeding the few cattle that her and her husband own, taking care of her child, and preparing beef and cornmeal dishes for mealtime.

Tanei has never tasted many flavors besides beef, cornmeal, milk, and the few wild herbs that grow in the bush near her village.  While she enjoys the entire cooking process, Tanei enjoys being outside looking for fresh herbs the most.  She finds that the right mixture of herbs can add the necessary flavor and health benefits that are needed for a good meal.