Welcome to the jungle.  An Amazon River cruise will take you through some of the most astonishingly biodiverse landscapes in the world. Monkeys, sloths and tropical birds inhabit the trees, jaguars prowl the forest and manatees, dolphins and otters float through the river's murky waters.  There's no other place like Rio. It's a combination of many things that I find so captivating: walking through parks inside the city and seeing monkeys and toucans; spending the evening catching music jams around Lapa; joining a few friends amid the roaring crowds at Maracanã; or greeting the sunrise (after an early morning or late night) from Copacabana Beach. In moments like these you realize you're hooked. I also love the carioca spirit: spontaneous and good-natured, with the urge to live life to the fullest.

Trip Summary: Amazon Jungle, Brazil | 10 Days

Trip Dates: Year Round

Group Size: Max 16 Participants

Price From: $4200

Dates & Prices:

Private dates upon inquiry.


All inclusive package including accommodation for all nights, in-country transport by private bus, train, or flight, lecture and instruction materials from our expert guides, all activities, and meals as listed on the itinerary. *International Airfare and Visa Fees are not included.


This Acanela Expedition © is the perfect fusion between comfort & adventure. Embark on this small group exploration and have hands-on encounters with local peoples and cultures, while experiencing all the historical & culinary highlights along the way.

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Trip Highlights:

  • Tour Rio Harbour and witness one of the natural wonders of the world.  You will get to see Christ the Redeemer Statue and enjoy the wonderful views from the sight.
  • Enjoy a 7 Day Amazon Riverboat cruise, visit Teatro Amazonas in Manaus, and experience a jungle tour in the Amazon
  • Play with Amazon Pink Dolphins
  • Go tree climbing and bask in the most breathtaking views from the top


Day 1: Welcome to Brazil!  Today you will check into your comfortable accommodation that awaits you in one of the most scenic and beautiful locations on earth.  Start your day with a daily buffet breakfast and then enjoy Rio de Janeiro's culinary reputation. There's no other place like Rio. It's a combination of many things that you will find so captivating: walking through parks inside the city and seeing monkeys and toucans; spending the evening catching music jams around Lapa; joining a few friends amid the roaring crowds at Maracanã; or greeting the sunrise (after an early morning or late night) from Copacabana Beach.  Accommodation: Harbour Hotel

Days 2-3: The day tour starts with pick up at the front of your hotel in Rio. You will be met by a professional English speaking tour guide and driven around on a 14 seat mini bus. Our first stop will be the hang gliding landing area at Sao Conrado beach where the hang gliders land after they take off from Pedra Bonita. From there, we will take you to the Tijuca National Park and get a glimpse of the greenest tropical rainforest.

The tram leaves from the station on Rua Cosme Velho every half hour, between 8:30 AM and 7PM, every day of the week. To reach the tram station, many use the Integraçao Metro ticket, and take the metro bus from Largo do Macho Metro Station (between the Flamengo and Catete stops). You will stand in awe of the legendary figure, which has kept an eye on the Cidade Maravilhosa for the last eighty years since its inauguration in 1931. In 2007, Christ the Redeemer was voted one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and receives well over two million eager visitors each year. 

Enjoy your day with a tour that introduces you to another Rio, within Rio city: the favela. There are close to 1000 favelas in Rio. Mostly placed on former public areas on the hillsides, they are home to 20% of Rio's population, however they remain unknown for most people who don't live there. The tour is not only to explain about favelas, but to give you a whole new understanding about different aspects of Brazilian society.  Accommodation: Harbour Hotel

Days 4-6:   Today we will depart for the capital of the Amazon, Manaus.  Upon arrival we will check into our luxury cruiser that will take us along the Amazon River for the next several days.  While cruising the remote rivers along the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in search of wildlife and enchanting vistas, our local naturalist guides will tell of the importance of the Reserve for endemic wildlife and natural resources.... and not in least, the enduring lifestyle of the indigenous people residing in and adjacent to the Reserve. Your visit to the Reserve is important.

Take a guided tour through Teatro Amazonas and see how much that era was also known for its beautiful architecture - and a fine example of that Belle Epoque style of the late 1800s is Manaus' opera house, the Teatro Amazonas. The Teatro Amazonas was built between 1884 and 1896 and is a showcase of furnishings imported from far-off places like France and Italy, including nearly 200 Italian chandeliers and a painted curtain from Paris. The opera house's incredible dome is covered with 36,000 tiles painted in the colors of the Brazilian flag.

Days 6-8:  Take a tour through The Amazon basin - which is a marvel of the world and the imagination, an ecosystem of unrivalled size and diversity, and a place of near mythical status among travellers.  You will see a list full of plant and animal life. The Amazon River has more water than the next eight largest rivers combined, and is twice the area of India, and the basin spans eight countries. It’s a life spring of the planet, the source of so much of the air, water and weather we all depend on. 

Play with Amazon pink dolphins - which are one of just a handful of river dolphin species around the world and are unique to the Amazon and Orinoco river systems in South America. They have unique physical adaptations that make them well suited to their environments, such as a bulbous head, ridge instead of a fin and long nose for snatching fish and crabs in hollows, as well as an unfused neck vertebrae allowing it to move its head up to 180 degrees to maneuver around trees, especially important when the river floods and the forest floor becomes part of their habitat.

Day 9: On your last day, enjoy the most authentic and fulfilling one-of-a-kind wilderness experience, surrounded by breathtaking views and memorable encounters with wildlife, all minimalist in style, providing a rare opportunity to spend a few days in the absolute peace of a remote forested area, and rich in the natural beauty of the Brazilian Amazon.

Spend a leisurely afternoon piranha fishing while seeing other wildlife sea creatures in the Amazon Jungle.  Learn about Piranha fishing on how to eat them, the different species, which bait you should use and their attacks. Piranhas are a wild type of fish that can do more harm than good but if you are guided by the right hands – you will experience a piranha fishing trip like no other!

Day 10: Today we say goodbye to The Amazon as we board our flights from the local airport to our home destinations.