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Why Africa Makes for the Perfect Family Vacation

Often, once you have children, you find your travel habits change. Finding trips that are kid-friendly and appealing can be challenging. But your holidays do not have to be limited to cruise ships and Disneyworld… there are plenty of options that will spark the imaginations of young children and open up doors for your soon-to-be miniature explorers while still pleasing the adults. And Africa delivers this kind of adventure like perhaps no other continent.

Activities like animal safaris have that hard-to-find, multi-generational appeal and are the ideal experience for families looking for memories that will last a lifetime. Be sure to do the proper research, or request malaria-free areas to your travel companies. There are plenty of fantastic safari parks that meet this requirement, especially in South Africa and Botswana.


South Africa

Low/No Malaria: Madikwe Game Reserve, Kwandwe Private Game Reserve, Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, and Cape Town

South Africa is great if you’re hoping to combine a safari expedition with a city break (in this case, we recommend heading to Cape Town).

Just outside of Cape Town, you’ll find Table Mountain — it’s a tiring hike to do with children, but thanks to the cable cars, you can still enjoy the outstanding views!


Low/No Malaria: Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, and the Kalahari

Not all safaris are conducted in Jeeps! The Okavango Delta is one of the largest wetlands in Southern Africa, making a canoe the perfect mode of transport to find hippos and witness lions drinking.


If you’re angling for a beach retreat, Mauritius is perfect for family getaways — popular thanks to its safe, friendly, and absolutely stunning seafront. On top of that, this country has been malaria-free since the 1970s.

Not only does Mauritius boast 93 miles (150 kilometers) of white-sand beaches, but the island is also steeped with stunning temples, volcanic peaks, and a glorious botanical garden.


Destinations with Greater Malaria Risk

It is possible to travel to destinations that still have higher risks of malaria — but if you’re drawn to one of these countries, like Tanzania or Kenya, you should be sure to take every precaution. Speak to your doctor prior to the trip to discuss medication and preventions, use a reliable mosquito/insect repellent, avoid traveling at night. and choose accommodation with protections (i.e. mosquito nets).


An excursion past Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world, is sure to be an instant highlight of any trip to Africa. It’s probably too challenging to trek to the peak if you have young kids in tow, but the dramatic landscape alone is breath-taking enough — especially since incredible wildlife, like elephants, roam at the mountain’s feet. Tie in your safari trip with an island getaway to Zanzibar for a holiday that ticks everybody’s boxes.


Often considered the birthplace of commercial safaris, Kenya has since kept its reputation as one of the leading safari destination. If you would like to include a cultural experience on your expedition, you might want to consider a trip that introduces you to a Masai village, where you can get a glimpse of the people’s day-to-day lives and traditions.


With its spectacular landscapes and majestic creatures, Africa is unlike any other continent on the planet. Seeing these beautiful animals in their natural habitat is an incredible experience, sure to become a travel memory cherished by any family.

Written by Jade Touron — follow her adventures on Instagram.