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How Much Does a Trip to Iceland Cost?

In the most recent years, Iceland has become one of the most popular travel destinations on the map. Offering vast, out-of-this-world landscapes, rich Scandinavian culture, and affordable travel costs, it’s easy to figure out why Iceland has landed a spot at the top of everyone’s bucket list! So before booking your own getaway to the land of fire and ice, look into the benefits of choosing a fully developed and specially curated trip over the stress of planning and budgeting an experience of your own! Below is an overview of flights, accommodations, and other travel-related expenses for a trip to Iceland!

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Flight Costs

Flying to Iceland has never been cheaper nor more convenient. Companies like Icelandair and WowAir have offered unbeatable prices when it comes to direct flights to and from several different European and North American locations like, Dublin and New York City. Even during some of Iceland’s busiest months, roundtrip tickets can be offered at prices as low as 400 USD or 47,000 ISK.


In Iceland, what you save in travel costs, you make up for in accommodations and food prices. During the country’s high tourist season, May-August, which are also considered some of the best times to visit the country, you can expect to pay a steep nightly fee depending on what type of accommodation you choose and what time of the year you are planning a visit. It is important to keep in mind that when booking through a travel company like Acanela Expeditions, the stress of searching and budgeting for a place to stay can be lightened, as you are guaranteed some of the finest accommodations that Iceland has to offer.

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Iceland offers a wide range of cuisine, supplying some of the best culinary delicacies in the world! Whether you are up to trying rotten shark and puffin, or are a little less adventurous and on a budget, in which case it’s worth sticking to the famous Icelandic hot dog and pylsur, there are options to fit everyone’s taste! If you decide to eat out your whole stay, expect to spend a big portion of your budget on food alone! As most ingredients, with an exception of fish and lamb, are outsourced from other countries. Another benefit from traveling with a tour company, is food being tied into the overall cost of your trip! Acanela offers the opportunity to enjoy some of the most recommended culinary experiences.

In-Country Travel

Whether you decide to shuttle around on buses or rent a car for a week, it’s definitely worth investing in one or the other if you’re planning a trip on your own. The ring road is the perfect travel route to take in order to explore all of what the country has to offer. Week-long car rentals and/or bus tickets can really add up, especially when taking the cost of fuel into account, as gas in Iceland is NOT cheap!

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The Blue Lagoon

When you think of Iceland, the Blue Lagoon most likely comes to mind. When planning a trip, you definitely want to budget in the extra activity expenses, so you are able to set enough money aside to indulge in the geothermal baths or enjoy the plethora of other activities that Iceland has to offer. Prices for the Blue Lagoon vary, but basic packages will cost you around 80 USD during high season. If the Blue Lagoon is too pricey or you are looking for some less known spots, consider looking into the many other secret hot springs that are scattered throughout the country.

Though Iceland is not one of the cheapest destinations, the overall value of visiting this unique land and experiencing its rich culture is priceless. When you book through Acanela, you are guaranteed the coverage of in-country travel, accommodations, food, and activity costs. Making your travel planning less time consuming and stressful. So book your dream destination now, relax, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!