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Top 10 Sweets Around the World

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One of the best parts of traveling is trying new foods that are unique to the area you are visiting. Finding something delicious that you can’t get at home can be an adventure on its own. Here are ten sweet treats worth trying in different parts of the world:

Trdelniks in Prague are a sweet pastry usually served on a stick. It is dough that is grilled, then topped with sugar and walnuts or cinnamon. These are very easy to find throughout the city, especially in areas frequented by tourists.

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Canchita is a sweet popcorn that is an addictive and very popular snack in Peru. It is made with chulpe corn kernels and is typically served with ceviche.

Chebakia is a Moroccan pastry that is deep-fried then coated with a syrup made with honey and rosewater. It is then sprinkled with sesame.

Gelato is a treat you can probably get at home, but it’s even better in Italy! There are endless combinations to try, so get started as soon as your feet hit the Italian soil!

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Brigadeiros are a Brazilian treat you will find at any celebration, They are similar to truffles, and are usually molded into balls then covered with sprinkles.

A favorite dessert in India is gulab jamun. They are basically donut holes covered in a delicious sugary syrup. While these are beloved in India, they can also be found throughout Asia.

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An Icelandic favorite is skyr, which has been a staple in Iceland for thousands of years so it must be good! It is like yogurt and usually comes topped with fruit. It is making its way down to America, and you can find it in some grocery stores.

Baklava is one of the most popular desserts in Greece. It is a sweet and rich pastry made with layers of filo dough. Itis usually filled with nuts and covered in syrup or honey.

Known all over the world as a delicious dessert from Thailand, mango sticky rice is definitely worth trying. This is something you most likely can get at home, but nothing is better than the authentic version when visiting the country.

Pavlova is controversial because two countries claim to have first made this delectable dessert: Australia and New Zealand. No matter where you get this it will be tasty. It is a meringue based dish with a crispy crust and light inside that usually is topped with whipped cream and fruit.


*This article was written by Christie Kinney. Check out more of her work at @in_between_flights