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Top 10 Destinations on Every Woman's Travel List

Women love to travel. With incredible adventures, stunning scenery and delicious food around every corner, we have compiled a list of destinations that top the travel bucket lists of women around the globe. These top 10 places are culturally rich and generally easy to venture to as a woman- whether with your family, friends, or flying solo!  


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is notorious for luxury shopping. The breathtaking, modern buildings and vibrant nightlife are irresistible and make for the perfect place for your next getaway. Though Arabic is the official language here, English is widely spoken so if you want to travel abroad but are worried about language barriers, Dubai is a wonderful option. The optimal time to visit is between April and October for the cooler season. Keep in mind that Dubai is a relatively conservative country, so be sure to pack modest clothing in order to be respectful of the culture.

Chiang Mai, Thailand.jpg

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Located in the northern region of Thailand among the mountains and a short hop away from Bangkok, Chiang Mai is a gem of cultural and religious heritage. Home to hundreds of temples, bustling open-air markets, and beautiful parks, Chiang Mai appeals to a wide range of travelers and has a certain charm to it that is especially attractive in comparison with more tourism-centered cities. Most people tend to visit between April and October, but catching the shoulder season can provide an experience with great weather and less crowded streets.

Costa Rica Macaw.jpg

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has often claimed the day dreams of many a female traveler; and not simply because of its swoon-worthy beaches, biodiversity, and verdant jungles. Costa Rica has coastlines on two different oceans, Caribbean and Pacific, that provide incredible, yet different experiences. The Caribbean coastline is optimal for beach bumming and sipping your favorite drink without the crowds and large resort buildings blocking your view of the ocean sunsets. The Pacific coastline is packed with popular places to visit, luxurious resorts to unwind in and plenty of opportunities for adventures.

Paris Eiffel Tower.jpg

Paris, France

Perhaps another no-brainer to make our list is Paris, France. As a major epicenter of global fashion, art, culture and cuisine, travelers from around the globe just can’t wait to soak up the wonders of the City of Light. While preparing for your vacation, take some time to learn a bit of French and brush up on your European art history! City trains are widely used as a convenient and budget-friendly means of transportation but if you don’t have far to go, we recommend grabbing a Vélib bicycle and enjoying the fresh air as you traverse the city.


Santorini, Greece

A volcanic eruption in the 16th century forever altered the landscape of Santorini, giving it a breathtaking and rugged appearance. The white buildings and blue roofs of Santorini’s cities as they overlook the Aegean Sea provide a picturesque setting for adventures and exploring a new culture and make it a favorite among the Greek Isles. Wine tours and sunset volcano cruises top the charts of traveler’s favorite things to do and optimal visiting months are between April and November. Beaches with red, black and white lava pebbles make for wonderful sunbathing during the hotter months of June, July, August and September. Travel tip: try to find accommodations on the west side of the island for the best views of the volcano and sunset!


Lisbon, Portugal

Best known for its spectacular colonial history, Fado music, and powerhouse architecture, Lisbon is a go-to destination for women travelers who are looking for mild weather year-round and friendly communities. From the Alfama neighborhood to Belém on the waterfront and St. George’s Castle, adventures rich in history and culture abound. And don’t forget about the food- Portugal is home to some of the most delectable seafood dishes you’ll ever taste!

osaka food.jpg

Osaka, Japan

If trying robust street food, exploring historical landmarks and embracing the beauty of Japanese culture is up your alley, Osaka needs to be your next destination! Osaka is nicknamed “the nation’s kitchen” for a good reason- here you will find okonomiyaki that surpasses your wildest dreams! While Osaka is smaller than Tokyo, it still provides a dazzling array of things to see and do as well as convenient access to the surrounding cities of Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nara. Subways and trains provide the easiest way to get around Osaka and prepaid cards can make your train hopping smooth and enjoyable.



Far more than rich chocolate and stunning watches, Switzerland is a goldmine for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs. Ski resorts and hiking trails abound throughout the country and make for unforgettable adventures. Ski the slopes of the Matterhorn, walk across Lucerne’s famous wooden chapel bridge, unwind in the thermal baths, and dine on all the chocolate and cheese your heart desires. The scenery and culture in Switzerland are unbeatable!


Honolulu, Hawaii

As one of the USA’s more diverse states as well as a fantastic island paradise, Hawaii is a hot spot for female travelers. Friendly locals, virtually endless surfing, snorkeling, hiking and sunbathing opportunities as well as vibrant culture create the perfect recipe for a dream getaway. Grab your swimsuit and lei, get a Mai Tai drink in hand and dive into equal parts relaxation and adventure in one location!

Iceland Northern lights.jpg


Are you prepared for all Iceland has to offer? Volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, hot springs and lava fields are just the beginning of the wonders that lie beyond Iceland’s rocky coastline. The capital city, Reykjavik, is the perfect jumping off point for all your outdoor adventures. Reykjavik runs on geothermal power and is home to museums that expound on Viking history. Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, catch a music festival and chase the Northern Lights.

Women love to travel and seeing the world is a fantastic way to expand your creativity, make new connections and promote lifelong learning. Whether you choose to travel with friends, family or on your own, a unique adventure awaits you at every corner of the globe! Where will you be off to next?