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Best Things to do in and around Cusco, Peru

Renee Roaming joined Acanela Expeditions on a special trip to Peru this past July and shared her insights and highlights from the trip:

Peru is one of those places you could visit again and again, and still be blown away. Cusco is probably my favorite region of Peru, mostly for its friendliness, sheer beauty and vibrant culture. July ’18 was my second time visiting the area and I am excited to share my recommendations with you all!

I chose to travel back to Peru with Acanela Expeditions and had a wonderful experience. They are a small group tour company who take you to the best locations whilst supporting local artisans. I was impressed with their commitment to using local guides and giving our group a truly authentic experience. I feel that sometimes we can get caught up only experiencing the “touristy” locations, but Acanela made sure to show us the real Cusco.


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