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Best Places to Hike in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a magical destination with endless memories to be made! For those explorers at heart, there is something for each and every, individual’s intention. Costa Rica offers a vast range of adventure opportunity; bonding with wildlife, hiking the rainforest, connecting with Costa Rica’s indigenous past, and treating yourself to a wellness vacation. With each location offering its own unique nature filled opportunities, hiking in Costa Rica, is one option that they all have in common. Costa Rica is a peaceful escape into a destination with a thriving natural beauty and is top notch for forest bathing.

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Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge

In 1984, the Bara del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, located in the northern region of Costa Rica, became one of the most prominent, remote regions of the country. While taking a boat is one way of exploring this territory, there are treasured, hiking trails within this biodiverse, location and are a dream come true. For those that are drawn to wildlife, Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, gives ample chances to cross paths with sloths, spider monkeys, jaguar, great green macaw, and plenty more. The beauty of wildlife in their natural habitat, is invigorating. Walking through the shoes of what these awe-inspiring, creatures, spending the day understanding their quality of life, will leave you with a new perspective on life. The best time to plan time to spend in Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge are February, March, September and October, which are the drier seasons.


La Fortuna, San Carlos

A car ride away, awaits one of the world’s most beautiful sights to see at Arenal Volcano National Park. The Lava Flow 1968 trail, will get you right up close and personal, with the aesthetic appreciation of the Arenal volcano. While hiking through the arenal national park, be sure to look out for the variety of bird habitats. Consider yourself lucky, if you are greeted by a rare bare-necked umbrellabird or a three-wattled bellbird. Taking the Arenal 1968 Costa Rica hiking trail, will offer one of a kind experiences, such as walking through 10 ft high grass!

While exploring La Fortuna, check out the most visited waterfall in the country. Soak in the beauty of the 75 meter drop of the full, flowing water and dip your toes into the blue pool, at the base, of the La Fortuna waterfall. To get the best of both aquatic worlds, the Arenal hot springs include Baldi, Ecotermales, Paradise, and Titoku, depending upon your budget. Baldi is quite appealing for families, with waterslides and inexpensive. A quieter atmosphere for couples and adults is Ecotermales. With swim up bars and beautiful gardens, this makes a perfect location for a relaxing vibe. Paradise, includes economically friendly rates with pools and enjoyable, jacquizzi’s. Titoku, the smallest of the hot springs, offers exclusive areas for those who want to be part of the local Arenal spa.



Monteverde, Cloud Forest Reserve, located 4,662 above sea level, is a must for hiking in Costa Rica. The Suspension Bridge, is a desirable route to take a visually, stimulating misty journey, through the clouds. Above the treetops looking down at the fauna and flora, with the picturesque view, will leave a mark on the soul. Up to 9 different hiking trails are available at Monteverde. Trails that offer up close and personal, thriving bamboo, magnolias, the view of the elfin forest, and endless stunning nature.


Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

Las Catalinas, located in the Guanacaste peninsula, northwest Costa Rica. This beach area, allows hiking trails surrounded by, the vibrant colors of the Pacific Ocean. The McHenry Peak Loop, at an altitude of 200 meters, which makes this an ideal hike for those that are ready to push their endurance level, to a new high. Punta Guachipelines, is a trail with nesting sites to pelicans and frigate birds for the bird enthusiast at heart. Hiking through Punta Guachipelines, will not fall short of providing a bountiful supply of endless colors and the smell of the sea. Las Catalinas, thrives off the excitement of surfing, paddle boarding and building a relationship with the ocean.


Hiking in Costa Rica offers the most memorable trails. There is no one size fits all plan, for the outdoor lover. Costa Rica invites you to explore the eclectic options for each part of its rainforest. Whether it be for the yogi, surfer, hiker or simply to breathe in the forest air and cleanse the soul, Costa Rica comes through, tenfold. The historical nature of visiting San Jose and venturing out to become one with the life of the jungle, as well as the wildlife. Give yourself a chance to reset your mind, body, and soul with the trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica.