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Seniors Explore Namibia

Seniors are traveling more than ever.  Exploration, education and the world is my oyster, are sentiments expressed by travelers over 50. Have you dreamed of photographing extraordinary wildlife and epic scenery, experiencing wildlife in a natural habitat, learning about Africa’s culture, and tasting culinary dishes indigenous to the region? Travelers—seniors included—are journeying to Africa in record numbers. Retirement affords us flexibility; time is our friend allowing travelers to explore an area in a week or plan an extended trip exploring in depth all Africa has to offer.


 Seniors like to plan, so an organized expedition is crucial when traveling to Namibia. A professional, comprehensive expeditioner is advised to plan your itinerary. The scenery in this country is vast and epic at every turn so making the most of your time is crucial. Having a professionally planned trip will save money and assure that you make the best use of your time visiting this remarkably beautiful country.  If time is not an issue, you should try and plan for at least two weeks, opting for the extended expedition. Seniors who’ve traveled to Namibia, have remarked on the epic vastness of the region and wished they had more time or scheduled better.

Senior travelers are fascinated by Namibia’s rich history inhabited by Bushmen for a Millenia until the Europeans arrived in the 19th century. Technically a British colony but populated by Germans, account for the German Architecture and newspaper. Three languages are spoken in Namibia: German, English and the native tongue of Oshiwambo.  


There is so much to see in Namibia, but for sure plan on heading south to Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon, and Kolmanskop. A visit to the unique coastlines of Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, and Skeleton Coastline are also a must-visit and some of the world’s best wildlife viewing occurs at Estosha National Park or the plains of Caprivi Strip.

 The most asked question asked by mature travelers is Namibia safe? The country is extremely friendly, with good infrastructure, but whenever you travel outside of your home, you always want to be aware of your surroundings and rely on your guide to provide travel rules. Always ask about travel insurance when you book your exploration trip.


Not all travelers require a Tourist Visa (such as South Africans, British, Americans, Germans, Canadians, Australians, and Japanese), but always check your countries travel advice before any travels.

Retirement affords time and flexibility so if you decide to travel to Namibia during winter June-September plan on pleasant days but frigid temperatures at night. However, traveling in off season you may obtain discounts on expenses and avoid crowds at famous sights, therefore getting the most from your travel budget.

Place Namibia on your bucket list as many Seniors travelers have expressed, ”It is an epic adventure leaving you in AWE, wishing you had more time to explore.”