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Most Instagrammable Spots in Namibia

If you don’t have incredible holiday photos to plaster all over your social media accounts, did you even go at all? Only joking! Still there are definitely an abundance of locations in Namibia that are just too captivating to not capture on camera (and share!). One of Africa’s most stunning countries, Namibia will have you swooning with its landscapes, culture, and wildlife. Here is a list of Namibia’s most photogenic spots.


A popular influencers’ hot spot, the ancient bare trees contrast beautifully against the cracked white ground, orange sand dunes and clear blue sky. This alluring simplicity is the perfect backdrop for any picture, and the dunes in the area are actually some of the highest in the world!

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Photo Source:  @howfarfromhome

Photo Source: @howfarfromhome

Spitzkoppe Rocks

A group of exposed granite peaks, the most photogenic of which is the rock bridge, a magnificent archway that frames the rocky mountains. Aim to visit around magic hour and you’ll capture a fantastic shot, with perfect light flairs reaching through the arch.


Fish River

Located in the very south of Namibia, the Fish River is the largest canyon in Africa (second largest in the world after the Grand Canyon, USA) and features an immense ravine. For a good angle, the popular viewpoint of Hell’s Bend is the perfect spot.

Photo Source:  @marinedauchez

Photo Source: @marinedauchez

IMG_8995 2.JPG


This beautiful coastal city is located in the Namib desert and yet is reminiscent of the German Colonial period, with architecture from this time still standing, and this amalgamation of cultures and style is what makes it so unique. And photogenic too! Wander the cobbled streets of the seaside hamlet and discover all the colourful house that are sure to brighten up your Instagram page!


Namib Desert

The Namib desert is considered the world’s oldest desert, and has dunes stretching out along the entire coastline! Travel more inland for an endless horizon of dunes, where you’ll be sure to get classic desert landscapes. But it’s also worth a trip to the coastline, the contrast between the sea and towering dunes is truly spectacular, not to mention an incredible viewpoint.

Photo Source:  @theblondeabroad

Photo Source: @theblondeabroad

Etosha National Park

Could you go to Namibia without posting any amazing safari photos?? Etosha is one of the most accessible game reserves in Namibia, you don’t even need a four wheel drive, a regular sedan will suffice (although for ‘gram, Jeeps still win out). Going during dry season (winter) you’ll be sure to see wildlife in their natural habitat, most probably surrounding waterholes, easy to find and take photos. However in the summer, thanks to heavy rainfall, the background is much more pleasing with lush vegetation. The downside is it’s much harder to spot animals.


Quiver Tree Forest

With a similar charm to Joshua Tree, California, this forest is defined by its unusual trees with spiky leaves, on rocky terrain. In fact, many think this species looks like it’s growing upside down, as the leaves emulate roots.

Photo Source:  @michelle_nonstop

Photo Source: @michelle_nonstop



A ghost town in the middle of the Namib desert. Once a thriving diamond mining town, it has now long been abandoned, battling the elements and the sand dunes to stay erect. Wander the derelict buildings, now invaded with sand, peeling paint and cracking walls, for a truly unique backdrop.

Photo Source:  @hailietan

Photo Source: @hailietan

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