Taste the world with Acanela

5 May 2018 | 12:00pm - 2:00pm

An invite only event.

Join Acanela for an intimate event with other important media influencers who love to travel or are curious on how to better incorporate boutique travel experiences into both their personal and business life.  There will be a fine-dining experience with a 5 course meals complete with recipes from around the world, including: India, Morocco, Thailand, Italy, Ethiopia, and Mexico.  In addition, we will have guest speakers, talking about "How Travel Can Produce a Happy Lifestyle" and "Making your Dreams a Reality" including lessons learned from our Founder and CEO Kylie Chenn.  Kylie has traveled to over 100 countries from Mozambique to Myanmar, meeting locals and embarking on unique experiences all across the globe.  Note: space is limited.

Fresh Shrimp Summer Rolls.jpg
My Thai Dishes.jpg