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Six Steps to Plan Your Perfect First Trip to Spain

If you’re planning a trip to Spain, it’s time to kick things into high gear. This is a beautiful European destination known for its rich culture, gorgeous beaches, and amazing food. With so many new, inexpensive options for traveling, you have the option to stick to a strict budget or go all-out with luxury during your trip to Spain. 

Where do you start with the planning process? This guide has you covered. Here are the six steps to plan your first trip to Spain. It’ll be the perfect adventure!


A lot of new travelers to Spain make the mistake of thinking they can see it all. While it’s true there are so many cities both big and small worth exploring in Spain, it’s impossible to see all of the sights in a single trip. If you’re not planning to stay in the country for more than a month, don’t try to see too many cities. 

The best option is to choose one or two major cities you want to explore and focus on those. There’s already so much to do in the top Spanish cities that you should have an endless list of things to see and experience. 


Once you’ve decided on the cities you want to see within your time in Spain, it’s time to plan where to stay. This can be a big decision, but it’s also really fun. There are all types of accommodation in Spain from small hostels and inns to the most luxurious resorts. 

If you want to experience Spain like a local and have a lot of space during your trip, you can’t go wrong with a private vacation rental or villa. Luxurious apartments and villas are plentiful in Spain, and they’ll help you feel right at home. 



Spain is the best place to pack light. While you might think you need to bring your heaviest suitcase, think again. Spain is notorious for having lots of narrow passageways and stairs. If you’re trying to lug your large suitcase around the city, you’ll be in for a difficult time. 

Remember that the cities are set up for locals, not visitors. You’ll need to pack light if you want to easily navigate the airport, metro entrances, and local areas. Packing light is always smart!


If possible, get out of the tourist districts and cities and explore a different side of Spain. Don’t get us wrong! Those touristy spots are well-worth seeing. That being said, don’t underestimate just how stunning smaller villages and towns can be. 

The best way to see this other side of Spain is to take a day trip. Take a train somewhere nearby, and let yourself explore. Just be sure to brush up on your Spanish since English isn’t likely to be spoken. 


In Spain, do as the Spaniards do. With that, we mean take your daily siestas. Packing too much into the day will not only overwhelm you and lead to travel burnout, but it’s hard to maintain.

The schedule is a bit different in Spain than it is in other parts of the world. People sleep in longer, take afternoon breaks, and go long into the night. 



Finally, it’s best to rely on public transportation rather than renting a car. A lot of places in the world are perfect for cars, but it’s unlikely to be the case for your trip to Spain. In Spain, many of the cities are congested with traffic, and this could be intimidating for a traveler. 

In addition, the cost of tolls, freeways, parking, and more often make the cost difference between renting a car not worth it. Luckily, the public transportation options and trains make it simple to get from place to place. 


Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for a reason. With so much to see and do, it’s natural to want to plan the best trip possible. However, make sure you know what to expect with these steps above. 

From planning the best place to stay to scheduling your afternoon siestas, you’ll want to make the most of your time in Spain. Take a trip with Acanela Expeditions for the very best experience. ¡Buen viaje!

Guest post written by Wendy Dessler of Luxury Retreats