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6 Tricks for Traveling with Kids in Europe


Organizing a trip to Europe with your children can seem to be a very hard job. You have to consider accommodation options, flight arrangements, and what cities and destinations you want to visit. When you have little children and you are going on a trip with them the learning curve can be strong and sharp.

However, if you have the right tools and information you can plan and experience a successful trip. Here are some tips and tricks to help you have a great time while traveling with kids to Europe.

1. Be flexible

When booking a trip to Europe with children, you need to be open and look for several options. The more flexible you are, the more you can do through research about your travel destination. Considering different days for arrival and departure can greatly help you in your journey. When thinking about European cities to visit, consider what your children love and what they will be learning. If you know what they are learning in school then you can tailor your trip to focus on what they are learning.

2. Do your research on airfare

When it comes to travel, airfare can be one of the biggest costs. However, there are some tricks that can help you avoid paying a lot of money. You can fly during off-peak times, use mileage points, and even monitor flash deals. When traveling with your family search for two seats and then two seats again. This is suggested because airline tickets are usually priced depending on the number of seats that are still remaining. This will help you pay less at the end of the day.

3. Consult a travel advisor or agent

With so many online resources currently available, some families may not see the need of seeking help when booking for their trip. However, travel advisors have a way of securing hotel discounts and spotting travel deals that as an average traveler, you may not be able to find. If you are visiting many countries or multiple cities, travel advisors and agents can help you plan your trip. If you don’t enjoy doing research, then they can help take the load off your back. A seasoned agent can also help you organize tours and include some of the things that your children will enjoy.

4. Instead of booking a hotel, book an apartment

If you are traveling as a family then booking an apartment will be cheaper. Remember, finding cheap hotels in Europe during summer can be a bit hard. Even during peak seasons, you can easily keep your costs at $71 per night with rental apartments. Also, if you book in advance, you will end up saving a lot of money as prices tend to increase as availability decreases. Another bonus is that most apartments have kitchens and you can cook and prepare for your children what they like. If booking a hotel is your overall preference, you should book it 3 to 4 months before the start of your trip.

5. Be organized and ready

The best thing to do as a parent is to be organized and ready. This involves thoroughly preparing your kids and researching about your destinations. Usually, most travelers' carry-ons includes a book, electronic device, gadget, travel blanket and one or two snacks. Prior to the long-haul travel, you could consider removing tablet screens from your children's activities for a week. This will help them be more excited about the trip and keep them entertained during layovers if they know that they will be able to watch movies and play games once they’ve reached the airport. 

6. Save money by being strategic

Sticking to the budget in Europe can be one of toughest things. This is true especially when gelato and special experiences are calling to you from every corner! However, it’s possible to plan a European family trip without spending a lot. If you plan and pick wisely you can save a lot in terms of money and accommodations. Save on food costs and enjoy local culture and scenery by planning a nice picnic with light sandwiches and snacks. If you prefer to regularly go to a restaurant for meals, you might end up spending more money than intended. If restaurants are still your go-to, try sharing plates to cut down on costs and food waste.

When it comes to traveling to Europe with your kids, proper planning is very important. As compared to adults, children need extra care to ensure that they stay safe and healthy throughout the trip. By using these six tricks, you will be better prepared and, as a result, greatly enjoy your journey.




Ellie is a freelance travel writer, originally from the UK. Publishing for some of the top travel websites around the world, writing about everything from hidden gems to luxury hangouts all over the world, Ellie is currently writing for Travel Department.