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Why Africa should be on your Bucketlist.

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Only a handful of places in the world hold a special place in my heart, and Botswana has certainly become one of them. The adventure started in Chobe National Park, which is situated at the northern portion of Botswana, and continued onwards to the Savuti and Moremi National Parks, on the outskirts of the Okavango Delta.

Our small group of travelers boarded a dusty 4x4 in the morning to set out into the park to observe the wildlife that calls this immense national park home. We traveled for what seemed like an eternity, our vehicle maneuvering across dusty trails and far-reaching grasslands, until we finally caught glimpse of wildlife on the horizon. We approached slowly, not wanting to interrupt the natural beauty of the experience as we came across a small family of giraffes, casually grazing on the bushwillow trees. As we approached, we were given wary looks at first until they recognized that we weren’t a threat and they continued to graze. Their long towering frames and beautiful spots were a sight to behold and my camera was firing non-stop to capture the moment.

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