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Best Eats in Mexico

It is no secret that Mexico has a lot to offer visitors with its white sand beaches, clear blue water, lush adventure-filled jungles, and ancient ruins. There are endless things to see and do in Mexico, but most people don’t think of it as a foodie’s paradise. Thanks to Mexico’s rich cultural history it is abound with delicious food that ranges from traditional Mexican fare to international cuisines. Read on for some of the best places to find amazing yet affordable food in a few of Mexico’s most visited places.

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  • Hartwood: Based on the concepts of sustainability and living off what the Earth provides, this restaurant changes its menu daily depending on what they can harvest from the sea and land each day.

  • Arca: Set in the jungle, this restaurant uses fresh locally sourced ingredients for it’s Mexi-Cal style cuisine. They are also known for unique cocktails

  • Taqueria Honorio: This taco restaurant started out as a street stall, but grew so popular they had to get a more permanent venue


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  • Wayan’e: A long standing favorite amongst the locals, this street stall serves up delicious Yucatan-style tortas and tacos

  • La Chaya Maya: Serves some of the best and most authentic Yucatan cuisine according to the locals. The location in the city center has the best atmosphere

  • K’u’uk: A higher end option, the focus here is on traditional Yucatan food with a modern twist and play on flavors.


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  • La Habichuela: A staple in Cancun for over 30 years, this establishment uses the freshest ingredients in its high quality food. The sister restaurant La Habichuela Sunset is slightly more expensive, but offers gorgeous views.

  • Peter’s Restaurant: A family owned and staffed eatery, Peter’s is known for its homey feel as well as delicious home cooked food.

  • El Tigre y El Toro: Arguably the best pizza in all of Cancun, this Italian restaurant serves homemade pizza and pasta in a garden atmosphere


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  • Karne Garibaldi: A very popular local cantina chain best known for carne en su jugo and world record breaking quick service.

  • Tortas Ahogadas Migue: Locals claim you can get the best tortas ahogadas here, hence the name. They also swear by this being the best hangover cure!

  • Tacos Charlie: There are plenty of places that serve tacos in Guadalajara, but Charlie’s is a favorite for its unpretentious atmosphere and slow-braised beef.


By: Christie Kinney @in_between_flights