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Top 10 Most Unusual Places to Stay Abroad

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We all know that where you stay on your travels can make or break a trip. Booking unique accommodations is a great way to make your experience memorable, giving you lots of amazing photo ops and stories to tell.  We’ve gathered 10 of the most unusual spots to live while abroad, to inspire you to plan your next adventure!

1) Giraffe Manor: Nairobi, Kenya

How many times have you had breakfast with a giraffe? At this boutique hotel, situated next to Nairobi’s Giraffe Centre, you’ll have some very friendly neighbors-- the animals love to stick their necks through the windows of the dining room in search of treats. The manor is also beautiful in its own right, with classic 1930s architecture and 140 acres of indigenous forest to explore. You’ll be sure to leave with incredible photos (and a new love for giraffes). Let us help you book the Giraffe Manor as an extension to our Tanzania Safari Excursion!

2) Bamboo Eco Cottage: Bali, Indonesia 

One of the best things about traveling is getting to be completely immersed in a new location. This eco retreat, nestled in the rice fields of Bali, will make you feel like a part of nature. The cottage is completely open air, and is surrounded by lush fields, rushing streams, and breathtaking hiking opportunities. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and disconnect from the rapid pace of city living-- the operators even have an in-house masseuse if you fancy a massage on the terrace at sunset. If you want to experience the full beauty of Indonesia, check out our trip by clicking here!

3) Magic Mountain Lodge: Chile

You’ll feel like you’re living in a fairy tale at this Chilean lodge. The so-called “Magic Mountain,” located between the southern Andes, is a spectacular volcano from whose peak a magnificent waterfall rushes down. The lodge is part of the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, in the middle of the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest, and the reserve boasts 100,000 hectares of land with incredible biodiversity. You won’t find any other spot like this in the world, so don’t miss your chance to experience the magic!

4) Hotel Marqués de Riscal: Elciego, Spain

Enjoy a different sort of European experience at this unique luxury hotel. This hotel stands out as a modern gem against the medieval architecture and breathtaking vineyards of the town of Elciego. Designed by the legendary Frank Gehry, the hotel’s whimsical steel and titanium exterior will have you reaching for your camera. And taking inspiration from the surrounding vineyards, the resort offers many activities perfect for wine lovers: stop by the spa for a a Merlot wrap, the library to read up on wine and art in Spain, or the famous “City of Wine,” a project dedicated to the holistic experience and understanding of wine. 

5) The Manta Resort: Tanzania 

Ever wanted to live underwater? You can have your chance at the Manta Resort in Tanzania. This resort gives you the incredible opportunity to stay in your own private floating home, with three levels of jaw-dropping beauty. The landing deck, at sea level, is perfect for lounging around in the sun or jumping off for a quick dip in the turquoise waters. A short ladder leads up to the roof, where you can lie back at night and gaze at the Milky Way galaxy without any light pollution. And the downstairs leads you into your underwater bedroom: surrounded by glass panels, you can watch rare reef fish and other sea creatures swim by, all from the safety of your own room. When you’ve gotten your fill of underwater living, come join us on our Tanzania safari expedition to see another side of this wonderful country! Let us help you book the Manta Resort as an extension to our Tanzania Safari Excursion!

6) Skylodge Pods: Peru

If underwater isn’t your thing but you’re still craving adventure, try something on the other end of the spectrum: stay overnight at a Skylodge pod overlooking the Sacred Valley of Peru! The pods are secured to the cliffs 600 meters above the valley, giving you a perfect view of the vast landscape and of the stars at night. If you want to explore what else Peru has to offer, join us on our trip!

7) Aqua Wellness Resort: Nicaragua 

For the trips when you just need to unplug and relax, head to this luxury beach resort in Nicaragua. The tree houses offer you a unique way to enjoy this tranquil paradise. The resort is blessed with a beautiful natural environment, and you’ll likely see monkeys, parrots, and sea turtles during your stay. The resort also offers yoga, a spa, and of course, plenty of water activities. Whether you want to relax on the white-sand beaches or snorkel your way through the bay, you’re sure to leave Nicaragua feeling refreshed and invigorated.

8) The Seashell House: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb.com

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb.com

This whimsical home will make you feel like a mermaid, with its unique shell details and sparkling private pool overlooking the beach. The house matches the location perfectly: Isla Mujeres is a prime location for beach lovers, with abundant opportunities for snorkelling, sunbathing, and surfing. You’ll never be at a loss for photo ops at this enchanting rental!
9) EcoCamp: Patagonia 

Photo Courtesy of Outsidego.com

Photo Courtesy of Outsidego.com

If you want a rustic adventure, EcoCamp is for you. The camp is situated in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, one of the most must-see destinations in South America. Home to some of the world’s most breathtaking trekking routes, the park is home to forests, glaciers, lakes, and fjords, not to mention a diverse range of animals for lucky travels to see. The domes are the perfect spot to return to after a day of adventuring, as they act as a complete buffer against wind and have ceiling windows perfect for stargazing. Come explore the magical Chilean wilderness with us this year!

10) Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort: Lapland, Finland

What could be better than seeing the magnificent Northern Lights from the comfort (and warmth) of your own glass igloo? Each tranquil hideaway includes a private sauna and a bedroom with a glass ceiling, allowing you to take in the snowy wilderness of the Arctic and the beauty of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing the Aurora Borealis in person, join us on our trip to Finland next winter!

Blog post by: Hannah Hunt