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Botswana Safari Camps & Lodges (and Tanzania)

Our Mobile Safari Camps | Registered National Park Campsites

Our Mobile Safari Camps | Registered National Park Campsites

1) Mobile Safari Camps | For the Photographers & Adventurers

For a classic mobile safari, guests stay in sturdy canvas tents that are moved from place to place during the safari experience. This allows travelers to better follow the animal migrations and have the most authentic & intimate safari experience (& animal encounters). Each tent is fully equipped with a bedroll and comfortable bedding, and sleeps two people.  Outside of each tent is a wash basin, and there is also a Canvas Toilet Room (Bush Toilet), Canvas Shower Room (Bush Shower), and Canvas Dining Hall (Bush Kitchen) that is assembled in each destination along your safari. 

The food while on safari is prepared by your private camp chef, and can range from pasta and vegetables to simple meat dishes served with salad, beans, and a side of rice. All of the food is prepared to Western Standards, is safe & delicious to eat, and is served in a Canvas mess tent! For those who enjoy the culinary (cooking experience) there are frequent opportunities to join the chef as he prepares food in the camp.

All Safari Vehicles on Mobile Camping Safaris are sturdy 4x4 Jeeps that fit 8-12 people comfortably. They are the standard build of vehicle used for all Safari's in Africa and are completely safe.

Mobile Camping Safaris are safe, as there are only a few designated campsites to be used by small groups (and all the sites are watched over by Park Rangers).  The sites must be booked in advance (as they are full all throughout the year with tourists). A Mobile Camping Safari is one of the best ways to experience the wildlife as you are located in the best locations in the park (which means you will at the prime locations during sunrise and sunset when the animals are the most active). 

An upgraded version of the mobile camping safari tents is available for an additional cost - the two experiences are similar in look and feel with the primary differences being the upgraded tents are roomier than the classic mobile camping tent.

Our Tented Safari Camps | Kati Kati & Serengeti Wild

Our Tented Safari Camps | Kati Kati & Serengeti Wild


2) Tented Safari Camps | For the Comfort Travelers

For an upgraded experience (at an additional cost), travelers can choose to stay in Tented Safari Camps built near (but not always inside) the national parks.  While these accommodations are still made of Canvas and can be moved at any time (which is a park rule) they offer more  Western amenities such as bigger tents, bed frames, and a private bathroom.

The Meals are prepared in a similar fashion, by a private camp chef and served in a Canvas Dining Hall.  The food at these camps offers a little more variety, as the camps do not move from place to place every day & therefore more ingredients can be stored on hand.

The Safari Vehicles are the same that are used in the Mobile Camping Safaris, and the Tented Camps are located in similar parts of the park (so you will experience similar wildlife encounters).  The main difference is the distance needed to travel to the best sunrise & sunset locations (which are often further from the tented camps & lodges.

Staying at a tented camp is a great option if you want to add a little more comfort to your Safari experience, while still experiencing a safari at a great price (an overall great value experience).

Our Luxury Tents | Sanctuary Retreats

Our Luxury Tents | Sanctuary Retreats


3) Luxury Safari Tents & Lodges | For those who want Luxury

For those who want nothing less than the Nicest Safari accommodations & dining experiences, Eastern and Southern Africa has a handful of beautiful properties that are unlike any other.  You will experience first class bedrooms, service, cuisine, and views from the property.  These 5-star properties are beautiful but they do come at a very high cost (upwards of $1000 per night) due to the laws that limit the number of properties like this that are built.

Ultimately the wildlife, cultural, and safari experiences are very similar to that of the Mobile Campers and Tented Campers, but those who stay in our select Luxury Properties will have the opportunity to add on additional experiences (such as ballon rides, cooking classes, etc... that are unique to the properties where they are staying.

In conclusion, whether you decide to visit Africa on a Mobile Camping Safari, a Tented Camping Safari, or a Luxury Safari - you are in for an incredible experience coming face-to-face with some of Africa's most beautiful wildlife populations and meet locals who will forever be your friend.

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