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5 Reasons Why Your Mom is the Best Travel Buddy

Finding a compatible travel buddy can be difficult. You must have matching ideas about budget, type of accommodation, interests, preferences in food and so much more. Maybe you want someone who wants to visit all the touristy locations with you or maybe you only want to visit places that are off the beaten track. Maybe you want both! It doesn’t matter what your travel style is, as long as you and travel buddy’s preferences match up.

Thankfully, most of the time the best travel buddies are right under our noses. Our moms know us best, they have our best interests at heart and they may just be the perfect travel buddy for the next adventure. Here are just five reasons why your mom is the best travel partner of all!


1) Your mom knows you better than anyone
You’ve lived with your mom for most your life which means you’ve had plenty of experiences with each other. You’ve had your fair share of cuddles, deep conversations and even fights. She knows your quirks, your pet peeves and the little things that make you smile. You may even have similar preferences, as much as you may hate to admit it. It turns out both of you like to drink your tea while catching up on the latest gossip. You both like to get ready for the whole day and walk until your legs give out. You both want to stop at that one quaint café in Paris just to order from the cute waiter. It’s these little things that make traveling so much easier with someone who knows you inside and out.


2) Your mom has similar values to you
Ever get into a verbal tug-o- war with your travel companion about what to do or what to see? Your best mate wants to unwind and rest for the day while you want to go on a full-day trek to the highest viewpoint in the city. It can be frustrating when you travel with someone who has different priorities and values. However, your mom most likely instilled the same values in your while you were growing up! If you mom is a huge theatre-goer you’ve probably grown up with a love for the arts. You’re much more likely to want to spend a night at Shakespeare’s Globe watching The Twelfth Night rather than in Shakespeare’s Pub drinking stouts. Since you and your mom have similar values, deciding where to go and what to do is much easier and much, much more enjoyable.


3) Your mom has your best interests at heart
You mom has had a whole life before she had you. Being several decades older means several decades of knowledge that you haven’t accumulated yet. She knows that you can’t leave your wallet on the table while eating lunch in Rome and that you should carry that passport holder around your neck in Thailand. She has your best interests at heart and doesn’t want you to get pickpocketed or get stranded in a foreign country. Don’t take this for granted because your mom may be one of the only people in the world that thinks about you before she thinks about herself. So, when you can’t agree on something, she is sure to find something you can both enjoy. Bottom line, she wants you to be happy even if it may come at her expense. Now that’s a rare quality to find in a travel buddy.


4) Your mom is always prepared
No matter how prepared you think you might be, somehow your mom always find a way to surprise you, especially while traveling. When you travel to a new place or a new country you become susceptible to viruses and bacteria that don’t live at home. Thankfully, when you do come down with something, your mom knows best on how to respond. Runny nose? Here’s a little pack of Kleenex. Fever and sore throat? Here’s two Nyquil for a good night’s sleep. Not to mention, there really is a reason her day bag is so large! She’s got Advil for your airplane headache, Band-Aids for the blisters from your cute new flats and loads of snacks for the long travel days. Your hangry days are over!


Actual photo taken by my mom and it’s one of my favorites!

5) Your mom is ready to be your personal photographer
How many times have you been traveling on your own and no one’s around to take your picture? Or, you ask a nice stranger to take your photo and they completely cut off the tourist attraction behind you? You can’t ask someone to take thirty-five photos with seventeen different angles, but
when mom comes along she’ll stand there all day trying to get the right shot to make you happy. She might even become the creative director and start doling out directions to get the perfect mix between candid and dreamy for your next Insta-pic! Shuffle to the left, turn your head towards me, flip the hair…. perfect. I mean let’s be honest, she’ll probably take pictures of you whether you like it or not, but in a couple years you’ll be glad she captured the raw, unfiltered moments you can look back on.

These are just a few reasons why your mom should be your go-to travel buddy. She’s not a girlfriend who you’ll lose touch with in five or ten years. Nope, she’s your mom and she’s here to stay. What are you waiting for? Check out Acanela's trips, give your mom a call, and book that trip today!


This article was written by Vita Zakhu, read more of her articles on mywalkintheworld.com