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Loc, Your Ultimate Guide Through Vietnam

“Live life to the fullest and find joy in every moment. Work relentlessly and give selflessly.” BaoLoc, known to his friends as just “Loc,” reads these words in the early morning light with a steaming cup of Vietnamese coffee in his hands, just as he does every day. Mornings are a simple routine for Loc: wake up early; make breakfast with his lovely wife; take his two sons to school; head to his office in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. When he arrives at the office, he takes his first moments to sip on hot, strong coffee and remind himself of these words by which he strives to live and work. Joy, growth, and giving are the central values of both his life and of his business.

Born in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Loc grew up in a supportive, loving family comprised of his parents, grandparents, and sister. Though he grew up in the exciting, bustling city, he spent summers at his grandfather’s home in the pristine countryside of Vietnam, where he helped his grandfather collect butterflies and spent lots of time around the dinner table with his extended family, laughing and eating lots of delicious, traditional Vietnamese meals. His family, Loc admits, has shaped him into the man he is today.

As he got older, Loc started working at a local restaurant in downtown Saigon, and it was during his time there that Loc began assisting travelers and tourists around the city. As his English continued to improve, Loc even began helping expats learn Vietnamese and navigate life in Ho Chi Minh. He soon realized that he had a “knack” for connecting with and helping foreigners that were living in or visiting Saigon and another cities in Vietnam. “My passion,” he says, “is helping visitors to Saigon discover my city, my country, and the world-renowned Vietnamese hospitality.” Loc continued working as an interpreter and tour guide until 2009, when he started his own travel business with a team of other Vietnamese tour guides who are passionate about introducing travelers to the delicious food, friendly people, lovely villages, and the intriguing, historical city of Ho Chi Minh. 

Today, Loc dreams not only of growing his business to support his family, but also of encouraging and inspiring younger generations to learn English (“English changed my life!” he exclaims) and to follow their dreams. Loc not only aspires to give travelers an unforgettable trip in Vietnam, but also to sincerely get to know them and become their friend. “I genuinely love my city,” Loc reveals, “and my hope is that tourists will enjoy their stay in Vietnam and will leave with a desire to soon return.” 


Join Loc and his coworkers on an amazing journey through the history, beauty, culture, and culinary traditions of Vietnam!