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Travel Advice Show - Acanela Expeditions

Kylie Chenn, of Acanela, joins Chris and Jerry to talk about this unique company. Inspired by incredibly talented artists in third world countries to share their talents with the world, Acanela offers a wide variety of itineraries, including trekking, adventure, culinary, and photography, to India, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and other world-wide destinations. What sets her tours apart from others, is the ability for the tour members to actually participate with these artists as they cook, design, and paint. Her culinary tours allow tour members to learn to cook local cuisine in homes and with noted chefs in the area. Her unique Artisan Expeditions incorporate instructional classes from local artists, giving them a means to monetize their skill. You'll enjoy Kylie's sense of humor, dedication, and love of introducing tour members to these rarely-offered opportunities.