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Finding a Deeper Meaning in Travel

Acanela Expeditions' founder, Kylie Chenn, sits down with Alexa Jorgenson of Munchin' With Moguls to discuss how to have a more enriching experience when traveling. Highlights include Acanela's backstory, how to embrace the local culture, balancing life with travel, and an anecdote about sun-dried mice. Intrigued? Pull out your headphones and listen to this awesome podcast!

Episode 14 - Sitting down with Kylie Chenn, the girl boss behind @acanelaexpeditions. aCanela Expeditions has over 80 travel tours all around the world that help you embrace culture in a deeper way. We sit down to chat with Kylie about finding balance in life while traveling, getting to genuinely know people along your journey in life, and how food really can make an experience more rich.

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