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Where to Have the Best Beach Vacations

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If you’re in the mood for a relaxation vacation, you know you need to find a good beach spot! Luckily, there’s no shortage of fantastic beaches in the world, and we’ve hand-picked a few to demonstrate the diversity of beaches across the globe. Although they’re all spectacular, each location has its own unique vibe. That's what makes it so exciting to choose where in the world you want to vacation!

1. South Beach

South Beach is an iconic vacation destination located in Miami, Florida. Known as the “Art Deco Playground,” the area is lined by colorful Deco-style buildings, giving a little “pop” to the white sand beach. South Beach offers a postcard-perfect view of the Ocean Drive skyline, and plenty of shops and restaurants to explore when you need a break from the sun and sand.

2. Seychelles

To be honest, all the beaches on these stunning East African islands are so idyllic that it’s impossible to choose just one. You really can’t go wrong; all the beaches are famed for powdery soft sand (which is even pink in some locations!), translucent waters, and a relaxed vibe perfect for sunbathing. The scenery is truly a sight to behold, and you’ll have a blast snorkeling through the water among a diverse group of aquatic creatures!

3. Phuket

Phuket, Thailand is another destination where the beaches seem to have everything you could ask for. From jungle scenery to turquoise ocean, it’s like a tailor-made paradise for beach lovers. The Phuket area is also famous for its luxury resorts, so you’ll have a range of activities at your disposal, whether you want to go deep-sea diving or spend an afternoon in the spa!

4. Cocoa Beach

Known as the quintessential beach town, Cocoa Beach in Florida is a fantastic place to vacation because it offers visitors the chance to absorb some of the town’s quirky surf culture while relaxing on the soft sands. You can walk the length of the famous Cocoa Beach pier, marvel at the world’s largest surf shop, and maybe even ride a few waves yourself!

5. Lanikai Beach

Though Hawaii has plenty of beaches worthy of this list, Lanikai -- which means “heavenly sea” -- is particularly special, as one of the top ranked beaches in the world. It’s exactly what comes to mind when people imagine a Hawaiian paradise: pristine sands, tranquil water, and lush surroundings. With islands sitting off in the distance and the sea breeze wafting through the air, you’ll be utterly mesmerized as soon as you step foot onto the beach, and we promise you’ll never want to leave!

Blog Post Author: Hannah Hunt