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Why You Should Travel to Mozambique

Whether you know it or not - Mozambique has a lot to offer.  Unspoiled, undeveloped, and untamed, Mozambique is fast-emerging on the international tourism circuit with its wild beauty and exotic influences.  With its long, dune-fringe beaches, Art Deco-inspired capital, well-preserved corals, and pounding surf in the south - you can never go wrong with a holiday visit to Mozambique.  

Here are 5 reasons why you should travel to Mozambique: 


1. One of the best places to dive in the world: 

The coastline of Mozambique has some of the most intact reef ecosystems in the World and you can enjoy some spectacular diving in Pemba, Tofo, Pomene and the Quirimbas Islands. Swim with Whale Sharks and Manta rays from September to February. See many endangered species of turtle and perhaps if you are very lucky see a very rare Dugong. 

Mozambique diving is an excellent all year-round activity and a range of exciting and varied diving itineraries can be organized. Barracuda, manta rays, moray eels, sharks, huge schools of kingfish, giant lobsters, and numerous species of reef fish are commonly seen. The whale shark, the largest fish in the world which can reach lengths of up to 14m and weigh up to 15 tons, can be spotted between December and April.

2) Experience both an underwater and overwater Safari:

You can tell that we really love the water!  Above the waves, dolphins are frequently encountered as are leatherback, loggerhead and green turtle. Humpback whales can be sighted between August and October while the lucky few may get to marvel at the sight of the rare dugong. Most lodges in Mozambique are pleased to welcome all levels of divers and lessons can be arranged for both beginners and intermediates.

Experience the thrill of swimming with totally wild dolphins out in the Indian Ocean. These excursions take place from Ponta do Ouro in southern Mozambique. You will be accompanied by researchers who have been studying the dolphins for years. Learn about how intelligent and playful these mammals are. Some of the dolphins are very friendly and will even let you touch them.

3) Delicious African/Portuguese Seafood:

THE FOOD! We can not get enough of Mozambique cuisine.  The cuisine of Mozambique has deeply been influenced by the Portuguese, who introduced new crops, flavorings, and cooking methods.  The staple food for many Mozambicans is ncima, a thick porridge made from maize/corn flour. Cassava and rice are also eaten as staple carbohydrates. All of these are served with sauces of vegetables, meat, beans or fish.  Typical other ingredients include: cashew nuts. onions, bay leaves, garlic, coriander, paprika, pepper, red pepper, sugar cane, corn, millet, sorghum and potatoes.

Some of our favorite dishes are - prawns (marinated grilled shrimp), Matapa (stewed cassava leaves (similar to spinach), ground peanuts, garlic and coconut milk. It’s either eaten on its own or with rice and prawns), prego roll (a steak covered in peri peri sauce (a fiery red sauce made with chillies, garlic and vinegar)) and all of their tropical fruit! 

4) Pristine, untouched beaches to explore:

Mozambique is blessed with almost 2,500 kilometers of coastline and countless offshore islands. It's easy to see why Mozambique is fast becoming one of Africa’s favorite beach holiday destinations. With an enticing mix of Latin-infused culture and natural, unspoilt beauty, its coastal resorts cater to everyone from campers and beach-bumming backpackers to those after an exclusive slice of paradise. With some of southern Africa’s best surf breaks and species-rich coral reefs, Mozambique’s beaches will keep the adventure-seeker happy, while traditional sailing boats will easily whisk you away to luxury islands where few feet tread.  


5) Beautiful photo opportunities

Last but not least, you can't forget about all of the beautiful photo-ops you can get while traveling to Mozambique! Whether you want to travel by yourself or with an expert photo guide - you will get beautiful photos wherever you go.  If you do want to go with an expert, our amazing guide, Tate Drucker is guiding her very own Mozambique trip!

Trip highlights include: 

  • Experience landscapes from Mozambique's vivacious capital to savannas and sparking coasts

  • Immerse yourself in local communities and experience tribal village life

  • Come face-to-face with enormous whale sharks, coral reefs, and neon fish during unique snorkeling and scuba-diving experiences

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